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World Without Money: Essay

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Money brings out the good and the bad in society. One of the perks of cash flow in this society is it brings us together. Money is the foundation of almost all our interactions. Half the interactions I have in public come from people who recognize me from work. Money can cause us to be drawn towards certain individuals and sometimes it causes hatred towards another. Money can make us envy people with no money, and be jealous of those who have an abundance. If you didn’t go to work to make money, you wouldn't interact with your co-workers or customers. If you didn’t travel for work, you wouldn't see Hawaii. There are a lot of interactions, and we take them or granted. Society has taken how much we interact for granted.

You go through at your day to life and come in contact with around 20 people. If you were to change one life a day, whether it be a smile or a 5-dollar lunch, then by the time you retire you would have helped 14,560 people. That’s 14,560 who now can help others. Imagine all the stories you would hear and the beautiful people you would know. The newfound relationships you could build. There would be a wave of goodness that wouldn’t crash without society. Cash flow has not only created interactions, but it has also created harder work individuals.

A society with cash flow contains harder working people, because money sparks self-discipline and drives us to push and pull. Studies have found money activates the same part of your brain that sex does. It gives some individuals the motivation to get out of bed every morning and slave a 9-5. This is not without a cost though. Money will motivate you so much that you will give up the most valuable gift of all, time.

Take a pencil and draw a timeline with nine notches. Label the notches 0,10,20,30 until you reach 80. Then draw a dot at 18 and one at 60. Now connect these dots with a line. This is how much of life you work 9-5.

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That is all time that you wished retirement would come faster, or that you could go back to the golden days. That is 40 years of your life, wasted on a 9-5. For 40 years money has motivated you to waste time. It gives others the desire and motivation to chase financial freedom. Cash flow creates entrepreneurs and businesses owners to offer more for the society. 67% of wealthy people surveyed said that were not chasing the car, the trips, or the vacations, but financial freedom.

Money has also created classes. A society without money has no upper-class, middle-class or lower-class. Without money we’re just people with talent and our personalities to get us through life. There’s no more hiding behind expensive suits, nice cars, or your Kate spade purse. It’s just you and life and that scares the crap out of a lot of people. It makes me wonder what some of these people would do without money, who would you be? Are you just another jerk who’s self-entitled or are you the compassion that we lack in this world? Many people would be nothing without money. If you rely so much on something to make you, then you don’t deserve it.

If you take away money, a lot of people will lose their identity. They have no love, no compassion, no religion, they have only their drive to get rich.

Along with some good, money has also cause embezzlement, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, slavery and more. The desire of wealth has led us to invade other nations such as Africa (during the colonial times). When they learned Africa had a lot of natural resources, we had the equipment to access them, they marched over there and took over. They create slaves and stole lives. They stole virginity, they stole their home. They did it for power and money. This society is still the same. Nothing has changed, except now we do it secretly. People are still stealing lives for money, robbing homes, kidnapping girls. Money has created this delusion of power, and people will do whatever it takes to achieve this ‘power’. Without money there would be no point in crime, there would be nothing to gain or apprehend. There would be less gang violence, fewer deaths, less mothers crying over daughters or fathers who have no son. Money has revolutionized the way we examine at things.

The changing of our view on things has caused frustrations. For instance, when a wise man drives through the countryside, he views the peacefulness of the land and the grass puppies (cows) that graze. This man thinks all is complete and worthy. If a fool drives through the county side with animals grazing, he doesn’t think of the beauty. The fool thinks of the mall he could build to replace the ‘empty’ land. He sacrifices nature to work at becoming rich. Society wants to be rich, not contempt. The owner or farmer may not want to part ways with their land, but the fool convinces them with money. The fool then goes on to replace grass with road and trees with concrete structures. Not only did he purge the land of beauty, he causes frustration to the farmer. After a while the settlement will dissipate into food and rent because they now live in an urban area, forcing him to find a job at the mall. The once happy farmer is now signing his life away into slavery. Who do we put some much faith in money and not happiness? Will you just say its life and the society were in, there’s nothing we can change? Or can we?

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