Essay on Characteristics of Dual Federalism

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The legislative, executive, and judicial branches are the three branches of the US government. In creating a structure, the US Constitution divided the authority of the federal government among the three branches. A system of checks and balances is established by the Separation of powers to ensure that no other branch becomes too dominant. By Article 1 of the Constitution, the legislative branch has the primary power to determine the laws of the country. The House of Representatives in the Senate is the one which further splits power into two chambers, or houses, of Congress. Article 2 of the Constitution states that the executive branch of the President has the authority to enact the laws of the country or to enforce them. In Article 3, the Supreme Court should be granted judicial authority. A federal government structure splits authority and accountability between the central government and state governments. All branches are essential and all of them have a reason. Each government branch has its unique power to represent the people. Yet, some branches can make a huge improvement for a better change and greatness for its people. We all need to consider that these branches also exist and the system they have is to keep balance and check between one another and to not become too powerful. It would also be great to have a more diverse candidate in this position. Having the same candidates that have the same state of mind it’s getting unsatisfied with no progress and change. If having different people with a different stay of mind it could bring better decisions and ideas to the table and we could finally see change for good.

The national government is accountable for such things in a federal system. War with other states, for instance, and distributing mail. Any form of license is accountable to the state government. One of the benefits could be that all states may be more autonomous, enabling laws to change according to individual states' interests or wishes. It further protects the privileges and rights of citizens through the division of powers. Conflict between the federal and state governments may be one drawback that can slow down the process of passing laws. Dual federalism splits the strength of the government into national and state governments. Both governments only have some things they can do with their authority, often referred to as jurisdiction, but the state government has more jurisdiction over the national government under dual federalism. According to Craig Bezine, he feels that many Americans feel that the national government is too big and expensive. He also thinks that a system of dual federalism in the hands of the government state is more likely not to happen. One of the reasons is that it’s really difficult to convince the institution to give up powers when they already have the power.

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Devolution “is the process of taking power and responsibility always from the federal government and giving it to state and local government”. It can be constitutionally or legislatively. With this kind of power, it can set its own tax rules and expand its revenues. As Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland assert power over their territories, the United Kingdom will be a pretty good example of devolution. Yet they remain part of the United Kingdom. Devolution in the United States is similar to federalism.

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