Essay on Effects of Child Labour

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Child labour and the effects on life

During the Industrial Revolution, a number of children were forced to work in non-suitable environments. As a result, their quality of lives was drastically affected in terms of health, and society. However, it was a prevalent phenomenon of using younger workers because of demands across industries. The children workforce will be discussed and then lead to a reasonable conclusion. Child labour played a significant role during the Revolution. Many work fields relied on younger workforces in order to produce competitive products. Children were cheaper and more obedient than adult workers, as well as supplying high demands of workers required. As of their small body sizes, they were able to fit into machines, mine tunnels and even in condensed conditions. By having their presences, the production of goods increased, which resulted in the introduction of grand innovations such as steam engines (History Crunch, 2015).

Child labour was a foundation of the Revolution, however, many children were exposed to hazardous conditions that were life-threatening. For children, a lack of safety measures in workplaces had a major impact on their upbringing. In many factories, no ventilation and lighting were present which caused children to be exposed to toxic chemicals and smoke. They also worked with machines with no safety guards. Countless children were packed into small rooms with outsized machines, resulting in children bending down for long hours. In mines, explosive gas would be released, which children had to breathe in (History on the Net, 2015). Joseph Hebergram, a child labourer, had “… a weakness fell into my knees and ankles that continued, and… got worse,” that formed from bending down in crowded factories for over nine hours. Following this, children developed spinal defects from cramped spaces, lung diseases from chemicals, smoke and gas, and sleep deprivation from the absence of sleep (Sadler, 1832). Children’s lives were changed due to their working environment.

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On the other hand, child labour affected various people in society. Children from poor families could earn an income to supply essentials such as bread and water. In addition, the economy rose because cheaper goods were available because more child workers supplied the demands in factories. Besides, many inventions were developed as more materials were being supplied, such as coal (Britannica, 2016). Consequently, children were stripped away from their education rights. Abuse was present in and many children got kicked or beaten for mistakes. These conditions caused children to develop physical and mental issues that affected their quality of life (Peel, 1816). However, it has changed present society because child labour is illegal in Australia and children are required to attend school.

Laws are enforced around the age children can work, where they are permitted to work, how safe their workplace is and fair payment for their job (History Crunch, 2015). Hence, child labour has contributed to the Revolution, but it has also changed the current society. In summary, child labour had changed children’s quality of life by stripping them away from education and forcing them into treacherous labour. But child labour had increased trades and economy and introduced inventions. Nowadays, child labour is illegal in Australia after the enforcement of the laws.   

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