Essay on the Importance of Forests

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A forest is a large area that is covered by trees and plants. It is important for the lives of living things present on the earth. Without forests, it's impossible for life to survive because they provide oxygen to the environment and take carbon dioxide from the environment. If there are fewer forests in any country or the world, there will be less amount of oxygen and higher chances of different diseases, because if there are fewer forests, there will be fewer birds and other animals, so there will be high chances for the spread of diseases. The importance of forests in general lies in the fact that they provide beauty to the country, greater health facilities, resistance against natural disasters, food for us, jobs, and of course they provide shelter for living organisms.

Firstly, forests are important as they provide beauty to the country, because due to forests the environment of the country becomes more clean and fresh. Forests bring more chances of rain, and due to high rain, it also helps in the agricultural process. They also make the earth cool and protect the environment from global warming as they absorb CO2 from the environment so that most of the heat and polluted air is being absorbed by forests, so the temperature of the earth becomes cool. Forests do not only provide beauty to nature but they also provide beauty to houses by using their woods and different organic materials that are naturally present in forests such as pines and others.

Forests not only provide beauty they also help human health because they provide us with natural medicines for different health issues like blood pressure, cholesterols, asthma, etc. They are a vital source of nutrients and medicines. They also provide relief from different pains like spinal pains and other body pains. They also protect the body from cancer. They also provide resistance to bacterial diseases.

Being the natural safeguard of the environment, forests provide safety from different natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, soil erosion, etc. It acts as a barrier to floods and their roots absorb most of the water, so there will be fewer chances of flood in the country. Residents of the country can easily enjoy beauty and health, and the government is protected from higher losses in the economy. Forests also play a key role in protecting the country from earthquakes because the roots of the plants and trees hold the soil, so there will be fewer chances of earthquakes.

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Moreover, since plants are a natural source of food, large forests provide food to living organisms such as humans, birds, insects, and animals. Due to forests, the cycle of the live (predator-prey) takes here, and every living organism gets its food from forests, just as a human gets fruits, meat, nuts, berries, mushrooms, etc. While animals get their food from other animals and plants.

The importance of forests also lies in providing people with jobs. More than 30% of the country’s population relies on forests, so if there are no forests, there will be fewer jobs. Farmers take mushrooms and farm them in forests, woodcutters cut wood and sell it for building or cooking purposes, and carpenters take wood for making different furniture. Meanwhile, directly and indirectly, many people are employed in forests.

And finally, forests are important as they provide shelter to living organisms. Their wood is also used in making houses for people and acts as a shelter for the people. Since it is a very cheap and natural source, poor people use it to make their homes to live in. In addition, animals also live and reproduce in the forests, so it is used as the best place to live for animals.

In summary, the value of forests is extremely high. Without them, our life on the planet would be impossible. With this in mind, we simply must protect them, especially in this time of environmental crisis.

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