Evaluation Essay about 'A Rose for Emily'

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I hope you are doing well. My name is Spencer Crompton, and I am a student at Central Michigan University. I am writing regarding your short story “A Rose for Emily”. I have a few questions regarding your plot choice, the attitude of the characters used, and the racism involved in the short story.

“A Rose for Emily” was the most disturbing ending I’ve ever read in a short story. What made you feel the need to make the conclusion so creepy? The last paragraph of Part V made me open my eyes to how barbaric humans are. I’m curious to know what motivated you to include the vivid detail of the last sentence of the story. What was your goal, and do you believe you accomplished it? Your method of writing the story out of chronological order was unique. The building suspense kept me engaged the whole story. The occurrence of the smell erupting from Emily’s home followed by mentioning Homer’s disappearance kept me hooked and motivated me to read the story until the end. Emily’s purchase of arsenic made my mind crawl and desperately think of an answer.

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In “A Rose for Emily,” how did you come up with the idea of a close community being a negative aspect of the story? An example of the negative aspect of the close community would be the first paragraph of Part IV when the narrator uses “we” when judging the actions of Emily. I have never thought of the negative aspects of a small town and close community until reading your short story. The short story’s community depicts a reality I can easily imagine a similar community acting the same way.

My final question is what was your purpose in making the characters of the story so close-minded? “no Negro woman should appear on the streets without an apron” (Line 81). Why are you implying that negro women are lower than white women, and why is Tobe only referred to as “the Negro”? What did race have to do with the story? It is unnecessary in my opinion. The close-mindedness pushes characters including Emily to draw themselves away from the community. Why was Emily the only character to refer to the Negro with his real name? The idea of racism has been nearly vanquished today compared to the level it reaches in your short story.

Although it’s 2019 now, your short story “A Rose for Emily” reminds your audience today of how close-minded people used to be and how fast a human is to judge and assume motives for somebody else. Today, the only way people judge and gossip the way they did in the short story is behind their computer screens on social media. It’s a lot easier to do nowadays, but it’s making my generation toxic toward each other. When you wrote the story in the past, it was meaner than it would be today. The use of racism adds a new level of close-mindedness that never went away when new technology was introduced to the same community of people.

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