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Evil As A Human Nature In The Dark Knight And Lord Of The Flies

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Abraham Lincoln once said, “If you look for the bad in people expecting to find it, you surely will.” The meaning of this quote is that humanity is fundamentally evil. There is a darkness to everyone on this world that is hidden or shown in different ways. In Lord of the Flies, human nature is evil because the boys formed into vicious people and lost all their civilization when they were on a deserted island. In The Dark Knight, human nature is extremely evil because the Joker showed all of Gotham the selfishness and evil in each person.

In Lord of the Flies, Golding proves that all the boy’s decisions on the island show that human nature is evil. Ralph tries to keep the younger boys calm and to not believe there is truly a creature on the island. Ralph shouted in frustration, “Maybe there is a beast… Maybe it’s only us”(Golding 89). The boys start to realize they are losing their minds and then accidentally kill Simon. Their actions show how they were first civilized boys and now they are murderous boys. Overtime, some of the boys start to lose their social norms and loss of identity. Golding explains, “There were no words, and no movements but the tearing of teeth and claws”(Golding 240). Jack and Roger are starting to lose self control and turn into savages. Almost every boy on the island turn to evil and lose all of their civilization after the conch was broken. Their actions show they turned into savages and that humanity is malicious.

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In The Dark Knight, Nolan proves that human nature is ultimately terrible. Throughout the film, the Joker proves the city of Gotham is full of selfish and hatred people. Alfred says to Bruce, “Some men just want to watch the world burn” (Nolan 45). This event shows how people are very selfish and care way too much about themselves than others. After the death of Rachel, Harvey wanted revenge on anyone who was in on her death. The Joker says, “You see, in their last moments people show you who they really are”(Nolan 119). Harvey wanted everyone dead who helped the Joker kill Rachel. The Joker just wants to see the people of Gotham to fall into hatred and death. This event proves that human nature is ultimately evil and that Gotham is full of corrupt and wicked people.

Overall, in both stories, humanity does have an evil side. Golding shows how the boys actions lead to terrible decisions and death. Almost every boy turned malicious when they were on a deserted island. The city of Gotham falls to the Jokers command to perform evil actions. Chaos was revealed in both stories in the end. Humans are born to make wicked decisions and be self-centered. Deep down we are naturally attracted to money to make us feel happy and to become selfish beings.

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