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Gene Editing And Its Ethical Issues

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Genes, the very fabric which makes us who we are. What is Gene editing? This technology enables scientists to change or modify the DNA sequences in living organisms. Scientist may have gone to another but questionable level. Should we play as a Supreme Being by choosing our desirable characteristics and even so does this make it right? In this essay we will be discussing the ethical issue revolving around gene editing.

Gene editing has been around for quite some time now however it is not certain to say that scientists are fully able to manipulate it. This technology should be fool proof and guaranteed close to 100% safe if it is even going to be considered. One thing for sure is that scientists do not know the unforeseen consequences based on this technology because there is a lot of loopholes in this which scientists need to take account for. The changes may be minute but this could lead to unexpected results. For example scientists can manage to destroy a particular disease only to find out they unintentionally introduced a new and even more malicious one. Another example is that scientists may be experimenting with a foetus in a womb which may lead to miscarriage, premature birth or stillbirth. (Niglia, 2019).

Another important thing to put in mind is the cost of gene editing. Gene editing is very expensive. An example of this is the CRISPR-Cas9. To correct a single point mutation may cost well over $15,000 at Yale and this excludes the genotype which may cost about $2,000. (Gap, 2017, ).This evidence clearly gives a picture that gene editing will be easily available or made more readily available towards the rich. The world we live in has so much inequality hence this will certainly exacerbate it. It could lead to all kinds of discrimination and could also result in further conflict.

When we start modifying genes of other species as well we are basically messing up Diversity hence we are not allowing natural selection to operate the way it is supposed to. Altering with the genes of our species will have a negative impact on the genetic diversity.

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This would definitely be unfair for the future generations because they would see genetic diversity in a different manner from the way we see it. Why should they see “man-modified” species instead of seeing natures creatures in their perfect form? (Niglia, 2019).

Gene editing also has to looked at from a religious point of view. Many religions are against the idea of gene editing one in particular is Christianity. The Bible states that all creation was created by God and hence when one alters with the genetic makeup that individual would be messing up Gods plan. According to the Bible the usage of genetic engineering is seen as as rebellion against God and a similar example can be found in Genesis 11:1-9. In this chapter the people did not obey God hence He put dangers put peril along their path. Genetic engineering is seen to have similar intentions hence it could lead to malicious results. This clearly shows how the Bible disapproves with gene editing. (Studies, (2018, )

Nowadays in many countries the government has a lot of control over peoples lives. This brings the idea that the government may play a role in regulation of the technology. For example an important question to ask is that should the government have the authority over parents in terms of dealing with the gene editing of their children? Should they have the power to control peoples choices concerning gene editing? (Eugenics, 2018).

In any case if the government has control over peoples concerning the idea of gene editing is more of less taking the individuals free will. Many individuals would say “no risk no reward” but in this case the reward may come with devastating consequences. The evidence provided above clearly showed that gene editing is a no go area. It is certainly better to be safe than sorry and this leads to the conclusion that gene editing should not be instigated.

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