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Halal Lifestyle In The Concept Of Sharia Economy Law

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This essay describes the halal lifestyle in the concept of sharia economy. Lifestyle is the life pattern of a person expressed in activities, his interests and opinions of spending his money and allocating the time it has (Sumarwan, 2011). Lifestyle encourages the attitude of one’s aktivities in meeting the needs and use of the products. With the development of Islamic values into the business world, halal becomes a world trend or halal lifestyle. Hala lifestyle enhances the development of the Islamic economy and halal industry.

In the last ten years, there has been an increase in the development of modern orienting and Islamic lifestyles in Indonesia. The development of modern-oriented lifestyle and its referring to Islamic values ​​can be seen from some phenomena such as people are increasingly critical in assessments of the halal products to be consumed, the development of Islamic finance institutions, the growth of Islamic culture, the use of hijab clothing, the emergence of Sharia hotels, the increase in the frequency of Hajj and Umrah visits, the growth of the halal cosmetics industry and the rise of Muslim entrepreneurship (Yuswohady, 2015).

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In the field of production, halal is one of the limitations of producers to disburse or produce goods and services. A Muslim should avoid production practices that contain elements of haram, riba, black market and speculation (Sudarsono, 2002). Al-Quran in his word: ‘‘People who believe, actually drinking khamr, gambling, idols, and drawing lots of luck with arrows is a cruel act including the act of Satan. So stay away from these actions so that you get good luck’’ (Q.S Al-Maidah: 90). This verse gives the sence of prohibiting the production prohibited of such things as khamr, idols, and other illicit things.

Yunus al-Mashri delinched the production practice with several restrictions, which is: 1. Reproducing goods products and services that benefict to people. Thus, it is illegal manufacture of dirt can harm reason, soul, and body. The goods and services produced from production practices must benefit mankind and contribute to their happiness. 2. Production priorities are on the products and services that areneed in human being’s the primary (Dharuriyat). If the primary needs are met, then produce secondary items (Hajiyat), and after that the tertiary goods (Tahsiniyat) (Yunus, 1993). In the field of consumption, halal is important to principle that must be obeyed the consumers as well as other. Islam has determined three principles in consumption, which is: the principle of consumption of halal goods, consumption of holy and clean goods, and the principle of not excessive. The Al-Quran has reminded people to eat good food that Allah SWT has bestowed on humans. Them is the word of Allah SWT which means: ‘‘Eat halal food that is good (tayyib) from your sustenance, and fear the Allah you have faith in him’’ (Sharif, 2012).

The concept of halal lifestyle is simple, because something halal is definitely good, clear, and healthy. If we consume the halal, then we gain the good and be spared the badness. Currently there are many sectors support the application of the halal lifestyle, such as: fashion, beverage food, traveler halal, and use of cosmetics and medicine.


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