Home As A Comfort Zone

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As the saying goes, “There’s no place like home.” When someone talks about the word ‘home’, he thinks about the place he was born, where he came from, or where his house is at. It takes hands and other building materials to build a house but only hearts can build a home. This term is pretty simple and yet it becomes a deeper word once a person knows what is ‘home’ for him. Home is where a person resides. It is where families make memories that they will cherish forever. A place where a person feels secure and could care less with their physical appearance. Home is truly a safe place and a comfort zone of a person.

People tend to switch the definition of ‘home’ and ‘house’. Having a house to go to at the end of the day is different from having a home. A child can live in a house where he cannot even bond with his own parents due to their jobs. Having a house without any connection with their siblings or parents is something that they cannot call a ‘home’. A loving family may jump to houses to apartments, but if their love for one another is real, then any place where they settle can be called as their home. “Home is an elusive concept; attempts to make sense of the relationship between the dwelling space and its occupants often conclude that the physical needs to be considered alongside the social, psychological and emotive aspects of the dwelling place,” (Hamzah 305). It is not the building that makes a home, it is the people who are in it.

Unfortunately, not all people have a house to live in. Some live under the bridges, sewers, tents, or just on the streets. “The spatial delimitation of home is no longer adequate as the home is also perceived as a status symbol, a personal expression and finally, a working space (Steward 2000),” (Hamzah 308). Most people who have a house take it for granted since they are not worrying about where can they sleep. It is a blessing to have a home and a house at the same time. Even so, homeless families that stay together can call their bond as their home.

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A hobby can be also a home for somebody. Dancing, singing, writing, or playing sports can make someone feel like they are home when they are doing what they love. Making a hobby as their passion can make their hobby a home for them. They drive their energy with their passion as a motivation to keep going. A home should be something that comforts the state of both mind and soul.

Home reminds someone’s childhood memories. To be in a place where someone has not been for a long time can recall that he is home. “The home environment is an important predictor of child development and may account for differences in children’s outcomes [4–8],” (Orri 2). Growing up without a home for a child can be traumatizing. Home can be defined depending on the neighborhood or environment. It is significant to maintain someone’s surroundings friendly and positive.

In other words, home is being able to express anyone’s feelings openly about something, doing what they love, and a place where anyone can feel safe and free. Home is undeniably intangible. It is a feeling that never goes away. Anyone who is at peace and contented with what they have will find home within themselves (Lacson 2015). Cultures, traditions, religions, hobbies, and memories can be a home for somebody. A home should give a person a warm feeling by just thinking about it. People can choose where their home is and at the end of the day, home is where the heart is.

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