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Having a Purpose in Living

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What’s my purpose in living? Do I live in the true essence of life? Or does, I live just to live life? Life defined as an existence of a person to experience the world. The world where we, human beings, live, seeking ourselves and purposes. Eager to learn new experiences and knowing the true virtue. The philosopher that triggers my perception in life is Socrates because his word of wisdom is so deep but lots of learning. One of the lessons I learned by him is that, a knowledgeable person knows what’s right to wrong and know what is good to do.

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So, what did Socrates really mean when he said “Knowledge is a virtue”? Knowledge is a skill to understand a situation. All of us has a knowledge but not all the knowledge we have is the same. It is mold through education and experiences where we learn on how to deal situations. While virtue defined as a behavior of a person with a high moral. All of us has a virtue, but not all of us practicing it. Having a virtue is also having knowledge to understand things, every person must know the difference of right and wrong. Values of a person must be suitable with morality because it is where a person know that his/her doing is accordance to what is good. According to Socrates, to know something is to do something which means that when a person does something, he/she knows what his doings. Each of one of us have its own body, we used it to show that we can stand, that we can do whatever we want and most especially we can act on our way. This only means if we know something then we can do that something. No one can stop us from doing that something because it is our choice to do it. It is our mind that push us to do that something, it craves for new experiences and knowing something is a new experience, it’s our curiosity that pushes us to do that even more. Thus, in doing something, we must first use our knowledge because through it, we know what would be good choice to choose and how to act appropriately. And by choosing the good, means we used our knowledge in virtuous. Socrates once says, “Ignorance is a vice”, which means that without using knowledge, we don’t know what we’re going to do, we don’t know what would be the consequences of our actions. Therefore, I conclude that in molding our knowledge, we must also know our purpose as a human being and seeking answers of why’s in life. In that way, we know in ourselves that our purpose in living is to do good for ourselves and for others. We know that our life is worth living because we live in its true essence.

Therefore, having a life is extremely a great blessing given from the Highest, and we must take care of it because it is the only way on how honor we are for such gift He gave. With our knowledge that every one of us have, must use it to righteousness because there is no use if we allow, ourselves to act without even thinking about what would be the consequences of it. We, human beings, must know ourselves for us to be able to live-in accordance with whom we are. And as we live as a human being, we must always remember that we only die once, we live every single day. So, let’s continue to live, our life is so precious that we will waste it.

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