How Can Data Analytics Professionals Create a Long-Term Strategy for Career Success?

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Data analytics has been one of the hottest jobs for a while now, and according to IBM, the demand will further increase by around 30% in the next two years. Such proliferation of skilled professionals is due to the increase in the use cases of analytics across several business activities. Thus, data analytics professionals need to continuously keep track of the latest trends in the analytics landscape and up-skill for delivering values. Consequently, to thrive in their profession, data analytics professionals should devise their career path and execute on it.

Developing vertical-specific skills like descriptive and inferential statistics, data wrangling, data visualization, data intuition, multivariable calculus and linear algebra, and more are apparent for a successful career. In the ever-changing analytics marketplace, data analytics professionals along with their programming skills they should focus on networking, attend conferences, and more. Programming and statistics are at the core of unveiling insights into a plethora of data, analytics professionals should continuously brush up their coding skills by participating in different quizzes and attain problem-solving skills. While these practices will help them to improve their ability, it may empower them to optimize their code to increase the efficiency of algorithms. Along with constantly learning, the ability to apply intellect for solving business challenges is vital for any professional. However, most data scientists are trying to apply their knowledge to solve problems that are among the oldest challenges of business. Therefore, to mitigate such problems, data analytics professionals should engage in several hackathons.

Hackathons not only facilitates a learning environment to obtain new technical skills but also provides them with a platform for competing among various data analytics professionals. In addition, hackathons are a perfect place to network with like-minded people for sharing ideas pertaining to analytics and assimilating different perspective. This increases the chance of collaborating with professionals to work together on projects that are of common interests, and in turn, expediting the data analysis process. Further, contributing to open-source projects hosted on GitHub and competing in Kaggle’s competitions exposes data analytics professionals to various real-life challenges while exploring data for insights. Contributing to these demonstrates their capabilities in solving business challenges, which can help them in gaining recognition from recruiters.

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Moreover, attending conferences such as Analytics India Magazine’s Machine Learning Developer Summit and other similar convocations and seminars will assist in obtaining new ideas and the latest trends. Gaining machine learning skills is predominant to forecast possible outcomes, enabling them business in making informed decisions. Collectively, the knowledge and skillset that data analytics professionals obtain from hackathons and developer submits can also allow possessing cognitive thinking. This will empower professionals to manage bias and variance tradeoff effectively, and in turn, improve the accuracy of machine learning models.

Along with gaining technical skills and participating in developer submits, an analytics professional should obtain communication skills for effectively translating the technical findings to different audiences. Conveying the insights into data adequately through reports, visualizations, and more is as important as utilizing best practices to process data for an in-depth analysis. Without an appropriate way of communicating, insights from the data can be bootless as it may not persuade the audience. Besides, effective communication also assists data analytics professionals in showcasing their ability in technical skills.

Building social capital through engaging in social groups is another crucial aspect of strategizing career success for data analytics professionals. Networking helps in accomplishing contacts that can be purposeful in getting recommendations and in turn better job opportunities. Moreover, networking can get referrals to different recruiters to make the next career move.

Apart from performing aforementioned practices for a successful career, data analytics professionals should be passionate enough for blazing their trail to go above and beyond what they have learnt. Coming up with new developments in analytics can place data analytics professionals in a way that can separate them from their competitors. This will assist them in achieving great heights in the analytics landscape.

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