Lessons to Learn From the Career of Elon Musk

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Dream big

Only those who have thought to achieve big things can succeed to achieve big. In 1999, Elon Musk’s company Zip2 got acquired by Compaq Computers in 1999 for $307 million. In 2002, Musk alone made $180 million when eBay acquired PayPal. If we want to be successful in creating the life of our dreams we have to believe that we are capable of making it happen. We have to choose to believe we can do anything we set our mind to because our body is able to achieve what our mind believes. Only we need to think outside the box and make our mind free and dream to achieve something big.

Innovation is better than replication

When Musk tries his hand at something he doesn’t replicate but gives us game-changing technology that can’t be compared. He revolutionized our expectation of hybrid powered cars through the innovation of Tesla energy. He went after innovating everyday needs with completely revolutionary solutions. Musk is willing to take the risk and lose before he wins. If he hadn’t we would have a world without PayPal, hybrid cars and commercial space travel. So, from this we can learn that innovation is a way of thinking unique styles rather than copying other ideas.

Your customers are king

Musk produced clear instructional video on every element of Tesla vehicle that their customer could possibly need. If we want to build our own electric car or want to know Tesla energy makes batteries so much better, then Elon Musk is always ready to share their ideas with everyone. So, we can learn that customers are top priority and without them we are nothing.

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Persistance is key to success

Success is for those people who have trait of persistence. Hard times come to our life but only those who keeps on going with their ambition succeeds. Our hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. So, what we can learn from Musk is that first we need to follow our aim and stick to it no matter what. We should never lose our hope.

Look for solutions to problems, not easy ways to make money

When we are starting a business and we are only focused to outsmart our competitor at what is already on the market then we have a fragile business foundation. But from Musk we can learn that we need to aim to find the greatest problems faced by humanity and then come up with solutions to those needs. If something is a true global needs then profitability will follow us as the business is already a surefire success because it is what the market needs and wants.

Be prepared to fail, and then learn from it

In Musk’s career, failure was a part of his journey. During the establishment of SpaceX he faced numerous failures and setbacks. When he launched SpaceX he committed 100 million dollars to the project. The first two launches failed but on the third attempt he succeed and he secured 6 billion contract with NASA. So, if we don’t learn to fail then we will fail to learn.


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