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Human Behavior at Workplace

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According to Arthur Brief, (2002) Organizations in which people work have an effect on their emotions, perceptions, feelings, and actions both at work and outside of work. Likewise, people’s thoughts, emotions, and behavior of individuals influence the organizations in which they operate. Organizational behavior is a field of inquiry that focuses on both forms of impact: work organizations on people and the impact people have on the organization.

Human behavior can be obtained either by learning them throughout your life such as attitude or unconsciously inherited since your born like the shape of your body. There are a lot of theories trying to explain the root of human behavior such as (classical conditioning, cognition, and operant conditioning) but the classical condition gives a better understanding of why individuals behave in a certain way.

This kind of conditioning mostly encourages individuals to act in ways that will bring them pleasure and happiness, even if it means breaking some rules to find that joy. With this type of condition, we can see that the individual that follow this path will behave according to their instinct and not the rules. In a workplace setting is not about what makes you happy is about to follow policies and regulations so if an employee cannot follow the rule because they do well by following their instincts instead then their behavior will impact the outcome of the organization where they work.

Another important cause of human behavior that has an impact on organizational behavior is dissatisfaction with the job. If an individual doesn’t feel comfortable in a job there a hight change of bad performance and turn down the job, now this will highly affect the job because the manager will be forced to find a replacement and pay for training this and more behavior as absenteeism at the workplace can be highly cost for jobs and can have an impact on the success of the company or how long will take the company to reach that goal. In my opinion, if people feel happy then their actions and perception be good, which in turn leads to a higher quality of their work. Discipline, loyalty, and respect between a company and its workers on the basis of transparent and equitable agreements are also utterly necessary to the operation of every organization.

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In today's society, many human behavior theories are commonly used and accepted and It makes a difference to consider these ideas, but so does understanding the kinds of human actions and the variables that influence them. As different individuals collectively and independently, human beings can break into separate or even several categories.

According to Francisco Javier Alonso,(2016) personality plays an important role in how people behave in different settings since some people are more easy-going and other inpatients even tho you cant read people personality by the look on their face can impact their behave according to of how are they feeling angry, depressed or sad. He also mentions interest since a person’s interest-based can impact their attitude toward what they working on because they will be more motivate and dedicate more time to pursues the goal, therefore It can be a really useful way to calculate a person's human behavior. Self-control is significant because having self -control means managing the feelings before they control you.

Managers also can influence employee performance through behavior modeling and constructive feedback. A good boss will still track what his employees are doing, but will not interfere with the micro-management or coaching of his employees unless under unique situations. Managers can “control human behavior at work” by making rules and policies that need to be followed in order to work, listening to the employee in conformity, and Set consequences if things don't change.

In conclusion, The human actions of others can not be regulated, whether in the office or outside. However, it may be regulated through the implementation of policies and regulations. Humans are individualized, and in terms of actions, each is distinctive. But they do make certain uncontrollable habits work together and fit together to create unity in the workplace.

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