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Immigration: Moving From A Poor Economy To A Rich One

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“Globalism began as a vision of a world with free trade, shared prosperity, and open borders. These are good, even noble things to aim for,” said Deepak Chopra. Although open borders are a noble action, open borders are economically good for nations as well. Throughout history and today, the idea of more immigration benefits the poor countries, the rich countries, and the immigrants themselves. Even with costs from immigration, the economic factors such as the GDP, jobs, and wages grow globally with the impact of more immigration, which outweighs the costs. Americans will gain in these circumstances because of higher jobs becoming open to supervising the immigrants. With open borders, everyone benefits in many ways economically.

Although immigration seemed to be fading into history for the generations between 1915 and 1975, it has been only rapidly growing in recent years. From the global South, about 44 million people have searched for new homes in the North, which includes moving mostly to the United States and the United Kingdom. The proportion of immigrants in the United Kingdom’s population is nearly the same. In the United States, the population proportion is supposed to rise above its peak of 14.8 percent in 2027. In a wave of these new immigrants, the United States has gained in many different ways. The number of immigrants has been increasing among both the Nobel Prize winners and Fortune 500 company founders. Immigrants are bringing forth new skills to the United States that help the economy. Because of this immigration, America has grown stronger and more dynamic.

Open Immigration for the United States does not only benefit the States, but the nation’s immigrants come from. Because of the high immigration rate, the amount of people living in poverty with an earning of less than $2 a day has decreased by two-thirds. The standard living of $10 to $20 a day has been lifted into the hands of hundreds of millions of people. These people are known as strivers, and the strivers are now able to buy items such as vehicles and air conditioners that were once out of reach for them. Americans take the gifts given to them every day for granted since that’s all they have known their whole lives. Lives in other countries attain better circumstances because of this new situation, but the goal is to have all of the countries become more economically good.

A great example of another country acquiring better circumstances in Puerto Rico. When the U.S. won the Spanish American War, the Supreme Court deemed it illegal to restrict migration between Puerto Rico and the United States. Since the event occurred, Puerto Rico has easily gained way more economically compared to neighboring countries. The Caribbean island nations see Puerto Rico as a paradise because of its boost in the economy. Many people would not think that Puerto Rico is a paradise at all since it truly is not close to a paradise. This example is good to use because it displays a poorer country benefiting from migration to a much richer country.

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If the United States would take an economic viewpoint, they would see that immigration is good for efficiency and specialization are emphasized. An example of it aiding the economy is when an accountant needs yard services. The low immigration world causes the accountant to pay double what they would in a high immigration world in the United States. Since she is able to get a lower price for a contractor, the accountant renovates her kitchen this year instead of next year. Many people ask, “What happens to the Americans not getting those jobs?” Plenty of people believe that these immigrants will take jobs from lower-income American workers. The truth behind it is that the Americans actually become the supervisor over the immigrants causing them to have a rise in job value. The answer is easily found when using economic models showing that everybody gains from this process.

With open immigration, economists believe that the global GDP will increase between 67 and 147 percent, and it may double the GDP, which would bring a $78 trillion increase. If this were to happen, many countries would benefit in several different ways. The main achievement from GDP growth is lower government borrowing that is caused by higher tax revenues. Government spending on poverty and unemployment reduces and will move to other areas needing help. Imagine the money spent more on a person’s social security instead of poverty. All together the standard of living improves the most for poor and undeveloped countries.

On a larger case for employment, an increase in immigration creates more jobs in the market. The economic growth caused by immigration stimulates jobs and causes the unemployment rate to decrease. Many Americans complain about job security, and more jobs push for more job security to Americans. It also benefits the economy to have more jobs at the lower level because the price or cost of items lowers. The businesses supplying these will pay lower wages and lower incomes to the immigrants. Throughout history, more jobs have meant better stability for the economy.

Why would anyone turn down an option to help everyone in the world? The people who disagree with open borders do not have the right facts. The economist viewpoint would definitely change many opinions on open borders. This viewpoint looks at the GDP, wages, jobs, and government spending to decide whether it is economically good. The rich and poor countries will both achieve a nicer standard of living with more immigration. Immigration can help the businesses and Americans themselves with lower wages and more jobs. In the open border talk, these are just a few of the good advantages gained from immigration.

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