Implementation Of Information And Communication Technology In Maris Stella Library

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Libraries are facing a new generation of users, are technologically confident and integrate information access and use in all spheres of their lives in an extraordinary way. Gradually, generation is changing with the time and the present generations’ library users are too passionate with the technology. In the present scenario the quickest library service is possible only by implementing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the libraries. So that library service is more approachable through the implement of ict in the library services.

Tremendous development has been seen in the field of library & Information

Science due to the faster growth in the technology. In past few decades with the use of technology, the library work has become very fast. To satisfy the needs of library users, speed and accuracy is the most important dimension. Basically, ICT enhances the workflow of the library which helps to provide information to right users at right time from any where in the right way is possible.

Recent advances in ICT have not only increased the ability to access store and process information within the library but also have brought significant changes in the concept, organisation, functioning and management of library and information services. ICT improves the efficiency of Information Management processes and provides new ways of improving the capacity of response to its users.

Stages of Implementation of ICT in Maris Stella College Library

  • Maris Stella Library has adopted Information and Communication Technology in 2002 by automation of library services and by using barcode system.
  • Total Library collection was updated with barcodes.
  • Circulation with barcode readers was started in 2003
  • Maris Stella Library was updated with a commercial software ‘New Gen Lib’ and then the total data and services was converted to New Genlib Software
  • Digitization of Semester end Question papers was started in 2009.
  • Developing of calibre, a E book management software with e-books on various subjects has been started in 2018.

Features of ICT development in the Library

  • Circulation of books have been doing with barcode scanner by providing a barcode to each user as well as to each book.
  • Bibliograhic details of every book are entered in the software.
  • Technical processing of each book or material has been processed by using technology.
  • Serial management was done by entering each periodical details in the software
  • Stock verification was done by using technology with stock verification scanner device.
  • Accession Register has been maintaining by taking printouts which can take from the reports of Software.

Applications of Implementation of ICT in Maris Stella Library

Library Blog

Library Blog was developed by the College Library Staff and placed in the college website to make available to the users. College Website is

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

OPAC was provided in the college campus through Intranet. Now this OPAC is available through Web OPAC from 9 AM to 5 PM by providing link in the library Blog.

Question Papers

Previous Semester end question papers are digitised also provided in the Library Blog. College library Tour video for new users was provided in the Library Blog.


Access for e-books and e-journals are provided through INFLIBNET N-list programme, these can be possible by registering of each N-List student and staff in the N-List programme. Access has been done by giving user Id and Password details in the login portal of n-list. The direct link for the n-list was given in the library blog.

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Access to National Digital Library (NDL)

Registering each student in the National Digital Library, gives access to use e-resources from the National Digital Library of India, it is a project under MHRD, India. The link for NDL is given in the Library Blog.

Open online courses

Open Online courses like MOOCS, SWAYAM, NPTEL etc., the access for these courses was given the college library blog. The users can directly get into the course with the link provided.

Stella Vir Lib

Stella Virtual Library was developed by Dr R Syamalamba, Librarian, Maris Stella College under her Minor Research Project. It is an One Stop access to all open educational resources, information and direct link about the open education resources of all subjects are given. The link for the access of this Stella Vir Lib was given in the Library Blog.

Role of LIS Professionals in the Implementation of ICT

The implementation and development of ICT in Library and Information

Centres has changed the nature of collections, the needs o0f users and have paved path to new roles for LIS Professionals. These new roles focus on providing access to the stored information using ICTs which are fast, reliable and interactive manner. LIS professionals competence lies in speeding up access to information, speeding up spread of information, organising user information sources and developing expert.

As new technologies come along Library and Information Science Professionals try to find ways to employ the new tools in their libraries. LIS professionals need to adapt to the new users linking new technologies and information.

Responsibilities of LIS Professionals in this changing world

  • Updating the knowledge and aware of the developments in the technology to cope up in this technology changing environment.
  • Updating of the new version of softwares for the smooth Library Operations.
  • Employ the new ICT tools and providing awareness about various Library operation to the sers.
  • Giving orientation about the library services and library resources to the users.
  • Providing Introduction about the usage of the OPAC, WebOPAC.
  • Orientation about online courses and their registration and providing registration into NDL.
  • Providing explaination about the access of n-list resources to the users regularly
  • Providing awareness about the open online courses and upcoming courses to the users.

LIS professionals have been working to implement ICT and organise library services in this technological environment in order to make the users more useful and interact with information, in a way that has potential for user satisfaction.


Emerging ICTs have completely changed the traditional libraries into Knowledge Resource Centres and Librarians functions more like knowledge managers. The modern technology has carried momentous changes in different aspect of library services from house keeping operation to users management have been largely achieved through the application ICT in the operation of library services. ICT is also extensively adopted technology in the library to enhance operational efficiency and importantly to improve service quality and experience.

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