Informative Essay on How to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

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A few weeks ago, I used to be at my job supporting a client when a young woman caught my attention. She may want to now not have been older than 15, and her stomach used to be too large to be hidden. She was distinctly pregnant, and what struck me as extra unusual used to be that she was pushing a stroller with a young toddler whose sole phrase seemed to be 'mommy', referring to the younger girl. I am frequently alarmed when I see an extraordinarily adolescent woman experiencing motherhood at a time when her principal worries ought to be way less than these of raising every other human being. The reality of the remember is that each year extra and greater teens are having children at an alarmingly young age. This problem raises the query of what can be done to stop and decrease the rates of teenage pregnancy. To forestall teenage pregnancy, teens want to have a complete perception of abstinence, contraceptive techniques, and consequences.

Although there are many exceptional ways to forestall a teenage female from turning pregnant, the only one that is virtually superb is sexual abstinence. This method is the only one that guarantees no risk of getting pregnant and protects the teen from getting any STDs. For many years abstinence has been viewed as a choice based totally upon a spiritual or ethical belief. In the article 'Promotion of Sexual Abstinence: Reducing Adolescent Sexual Activity and Pregnancies' Hani R. Khouzam says: “Sexual abstinence is no longer related with public fitness risks and wants to be presented and promoted as the most superb essential prevention for unplanned pregnancies”. In this article, Dr. Joycelyn Elders proposes instructing sexual abstinence as prevention for pregnancy, no longer as a spiritual or ethical belief. According to Khouzam, in a study involving 7,000 Utah teens, college students were taught one of three abstinence curriculums stressing abstinence as a pregnancy prevention method. They had been surveyed in three instances based totally on their attitudes toward the issue. After taking the abstinence curriculum, the research found that from these students, a notably higher proportion of them remained virgins than those who did now not go thru the application. With effects like this, it turns evident that abstinence publications in colleges are a certain way to get teenagers to recognize the responsibility that comes with turning sexually active, and to get them questioning about selecting to continue to be abstinent. The greater facts teens are given on the subject, the higher the possibility that they will make this decision. For this reason, it is important that teenagers be taught the benefits of choosing to continue to be abstinent.

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Another form of teenage pregnancy prevention that is being taught in colleges is a number of contraceptive techniques. Although abstinence remains a great way to forestall pregnancy among teens, it is a truth that there is still a massive variety of them who will be concerned about sexual relations. For this reason, it is vital that young adults be provided with large statistics on how to do so responsibly with the usage of various contraceptive techniques. Most of the sex training in schools consists of one message: ‘Don't have sex – but if you do, use a condom’. The problem that rises from this is that teenagers are not being exposed to sizeable data on the number of types of beginning control, condoms, and different methods of prevention that are available. According to Helen Lippman, contraceptives are talked about in sex schooling classes, however only as being ineffective in stopping pregnancy and ailments. Also, these instructions on contraceptives must consist of facts on how to gain the exceptional techniques of start control. Jocelyn Elders has additionally advocated school-based health clinics nationwide with the cause of reducing teen pregnancy with the availability of contraceptives. This is a way to make certain contraceptive use for many younger young adults who, as an alternative to going to their dad and mom for assistance in obtaining beginning control, choose to have sex besides protection, absolutely because that protection is now not made on hand to them.

For most teenagers, the real consequences of having a baby at such a young age are unknown. Teens want to be conscious of the harsh actuality of raising a child and the terrible results that an unplanned pregnancy can cause in both the mom’s and the kid's lives. In the article 'The Decline of Teen Marriage Is a Serious Problem', Patrick F. Fagan talks about the results of having an infant out of wedlock at a very younger age. He states that the mother's new offspring can trip the following: “Lowered fitness for newborns and extended hazard of early baby death; retarded cognitive, especially verbal, development; lowered academic achievement; lowered job attainment; increased behavior problems; lowered impulse control; warped social development; increased welfare dependency”. Teenage moms ought to be conscious of the tremendous impact their offspring will have on society in the future, and the high hazard of the cycle repeating once this child will become a teen. Teens must also be conscious of the reality that an unplanned pregnancy will take a toll on different elements of their lives. For example, as Fagan points out, much less than one-third of teen moms who have a child before they are eighteen end up high faculty. When exposed to such records about the results of an unplanned pregnancy, teens are pressured to analyze whether sex is worth the danger of continually changing their lives, and those of their future children.

On the other hand, for some human beings, sex is seen only as an approach to reproduction, and the idea of using contraceptives and different strategies of start control is clearly unnatural. This trust is preached by means of many non-secular institutions, especially within the Roman Catholic Church. In the article 'The Purpose of Sex Is Reproduction', Paul Murray claims that “sexual intercourse can't be separated from its foremost cause of reproduction”. Many followers of the Roman Catholic Church have adopted this principle. Although the cause of intercourse can be even thought of as solely for replica by using some, it can't be narrowed down to just having intercourse to have adolescents for everyone. For example, a couple that consists of two mature adults who raise a strong, steady relationship is in a position to use intercourse as a way to categorize their love, share intimacy, and make bigger their emotional bond. Further, the notion that a teen will take this belief the thinking that intercourse is solely to produce kids into consideration when choosing whether or not to emerge as sexually energetic is an unrealistic and ineffective way of thinking. This faith will not prevent teenage women from experimenting and strolling the chance of turning pregnant. Of direction, nothing will work universally, not even education, or contraception.

In summary, it is the job of parents and faculties to train teens about the poor results of teenage pregnancy. The mother and father can strongly affect their children's choices by means of taking the time to be involved when the issue of sex arises. The colleges can also do their part by using supplying vital information on preventing pregnancies and by encouraging teens to make accountable selections when having sex. Therefore, the accountability of adults is to furnish teenagers with a thorough perception of abstinence, contraceptive techniques, and the consequences of sexual activity.

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