Persuasive Essay on Teenage Pregnancy and Why We Should Not Normalize It

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Seeing teenage pregnancy being normalized on social media by some people should be stopped and should not be encouraged. It takes so much responsibility to be a mother, and it is not easy to bear a child at a young age. These careless young parents don't know how difficult it is to raise a child.

Back in 2019, the 'BatangIna Challenge' was a trend on social media, particularly on Facebook. Surprisingly, many young women participated in the trend, which was very concerning. This proves that sex education is lacking.

Some people view sex education as inappropriate because they think it teaches children and teenagers how to have sexual activity when, in fact, it doesn't. Sex education teaches us about our reproductive system's health, sexuality, our bodies, and more related to ourselves. Educating teenagers about sexual health should not be considered disgusting or inappropriate. Sexual health should be first taught by our parents, as they should be involved in educating their children regarding their sexuality. However, most parents still avoid topics relating to something sexual in their household. They are not open to this type of discussion with their teenagers, and as a result, these teenagers lack sexual health understanding.

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To address this issue, we must raise awareness among our fellow citizens. We should assist in teaching those who do not have access to sexual health education. We could do it by sharing reliable information and promoting sex education through social media platforms, as it is accessible to everyone. Also, by arranging small events or programs for sexual education in various places where education is hard to access, we can provide them with helpful pieces of educational information they should know and encourage them to be responsible.

As for the government, since teenage pregnancy is one of the biggest problems in our country, it is their responsibility to spread awareness as well. They must take immediate action to reduce unwanted pregnancies and prevent overpopulation. The only solution that I think the government could do is to implement sexual health education in all schools. The government is still facing challenges in implementing this education due to some barriers. For the time being, let us anticipate the government's implementation of sexual health education.

Our society needs urgent sex education. We need to help these teenagers understand that early pregnancy should not be normalized nor considered a trend because it is a serious matter. Instead, we should normalize studying and discussing our reproductive systems and health; it is our responsibility to care for ourselves. We should encourage everyone to spread awareness and educate one another to prevent the country's high numbers of teenage pregnancies and overpopulation. Others need to accept that sexual health education will help a lot of adolescents; it does not teach them to engage in sexual activity. It is an education that expands our understanding of sexual health and teaches us how to care for it. We need to normalize sex education, not normalize and encourage the idea of teenagers engaging in sexual activities and bringing another life into this world at a very young age.

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