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Innovation As A Mainly Developmental Process For Organisations

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Innovation is mainly a developmental process that helps an organisation to improve their products and services by adding more value in it. This further helps them to gain competitive advantage within a market. Innocent Drinks effectively takes advantage of innovation in order to offer something extra in their products and services and serve their customers with something best. Innovation effectively benefits company to increase their sales margin which will automatically lead towards increasing their profitability.

Many innovation barriers will prevent the organization from innovating:

External barriers

• Government

• Social

• Market barriers

Internal barriers

• People

• Strategy

• Structural

How innovation and commercialization can respond to the impacts of COVID -19

The political uncertainty of COVID-19 encouraged considerable discussion mostly on future of innovation and commercialisation. Whereas the arguments behind certain predictions are essential and convincing, the survey of key findings on common agreement is however crucial. The study then filed a survey also on impact of COVID-19 on innovation for more of some 35 technical experts in how the future innovation will be based on : work future, statistics and IT, the believe and production processes, innovation and public relations, the essential one being health and medicine. Innovation and commercialisation we will discus on more the key findings below

Key finds for covid 19

The majority of the participants presume that perhaps the coronavirus virus will spending up innovation in four of the five areas even when getting slight impact affect various innovation. Study participants often presume that developed nations would be at the top of the list of the whole innovation, whereas innovation would mostly be unchanged or slightly hindered in the gulf region, Latin and southern africa.

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Invention: It is a process within which development of totally fresh and new device or a product is made. Invention is a process that is adopted by an organisation to bring something new and unique in a market place in order to take lead against their competitors.

Importance of Innovation in Innocent Drinks:

It is important for an organisation to take advantage of innovation within their organisation functions as to gain more success and effectiveness in a marketplace. It is essential for Innocent drinks to take formative benefits from the concept of innovation in order to stay one step ahead from their competitors and acquire more successful advantages. It allows the company to raise the average investment levels much higher.

From my research there are a few significances for this project and those are:

1-Increase creativity among employees: This will automatically help them to increase their profitability base. Innocent Drinks offer customized smoothies with natural flavours in the region of UK and Europe. With the help of inventive method, they can effectively increase their effectiveness and competitiveness.

2-Increased Profit: It is essential for an organisation to effectively perform their organisational operations performance as to increase their consumer base and profitability on same hand. Innovation helps an organisation to innovate their existing products with the help of theme, technology and other related factors. Innocent Drinks can effectively take benefit of incisive methods in their process of manufacturing. For instance, Innocent Drink offer customized smoothies with different types of natural flavours to their customers.

Organisational vision, leadership, culture and teamwork for innovation and commercialisation: Innovation is termed as an important factor which helps an organisation to effectively increase their profitability by increasing their creativeness. It is a formative process which leads towards construction of new facts. In relation with Innocent Drinks, with the help of innovation company can effectively able to provide something new offering within a marketplace and increase profit for the same moment.


It is a formative process that includes running and effective management of product and a service as to get more financial advancements. Thus, this process is mainly done in an effective way as to bring and introduce a service or a product within a marketplace.

Several of (Innocent Drinks') resources are mentioned below in aspects of innovation vision, leadership, and culture and there are below:

Innovation and Vision: It is important for an organisation to have strong vision in order to invest money and time and energy on innovation as inefficiency of vision lead company towards failure. It is important for Innocent Drinks leaders to give methodical visualisation along with effective strategies of communication.

Leadership and Innovation: Managers may use this improvement mechanism to promote more development for their workers. Innocent Drink would also profit and improve the productivity of a product by introducing additional value in the marketing phase. Innocent Drink Leaders use cooperative and strategic leadership to add more creativity to their goods and services.

Innovation and Culture: Culture is mainly a clear set of attitude and principle that are adopted by an organisation or an individual Innocent Drinks take advantage of different form of culture that effectively takes their organisation towards more advanced innovative culture. It is the major responsibility of leader of Innocent Drinks to adopt proper coordination in between their workforce in order to develop a healthy and positive working culture.

Teamwork and Innovation: By taking advantage of different types of tools and techniques Innocent leaders can effectively able to guide and direct their employees and further encourage them towards more effectiveness. For this they make their employees perform their task in a team. This will help them to accomplish organisational objectives and targets in a collaborative way.

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