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Japanese Culture And Communication

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Intercultural communication is the interaction between people from different cultural backgrounds. Intercultural communication enables individuals to interact with others from different cultures and being aware of culture differences.It also helps individuals to undetstand each other’s cultural differences and to communicate effectively without misunderstanding which enhances teamwork.

The culture that I have chosen is Japanese culture. Tea consumption is a part of the Japanese lifestyle. Green tea is the choice of Japanese in the morning and sometimes in a break because it helps protect heart health and promote brain health. Besides,Japanese emphasize cleanliness. Cleanliness of Japanese is known worldwide. There are neighbourhood clean-ups frequently. They impress the world by cleaning up the world cup stadium after a last-gasp defeat to Belgium. Furthermore, Japanese have a extremely relaxing way to spend their time, that is in onsen, a hot spring. Hot springs are considered therapeutic. Therefore, many Japanese spend their day in onsen.

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Bowing is one common custom of Japanese culture. A bow is an expression of humidity and it shows respect. A longer, deeper bow shows sincere respect. When greeting friend, Japanese usually give a little nod of head and shoulder. Besides greeting, Japanese bow also when they thank, apologize, congratulate and also start a meeting. Next, Japanese start the meal by the phrase “itadakimasu” and end the meal with phrase “gochisou-sama deshika”. They usually raise their bowls to their mouth to prevent dropping food. Japanese will take off their shoes at the entrance of all homes, restaurants and hotels but they will put on slippers. However, they never wear slippers when they step onto a tatami mat. Basically, there are two types of clothing that Japanese wear. They are Japanese clothing, like kimonos and Western clothing.Kimonos are usually worn during the graduation ceremony and the coming of age ceremony.

Japanese language is the official language of Japan. The Japanese writing system include Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. Kanji consist of several thousands of Chinese characters. There are many homonyms. For instance,the pronounciation of word “four” is the same as the word “death”. In Japan,number “four” is always avoided. Therefore,the buildings in Japan have no fourth floor. Besides, Japanese has dozen of dialects. Nevertheless, the main dialects are Tokyo dialact and Osaka dialect.

In a nutshell, learning and understanding other cultures can diminish stereotyping and encourage effective communication which prevent misunderstanding and lead to a harmony society.

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