Joe Biden: Pros and Cons

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U.S President of 2021, Joseph Robinette Jr. Biden, more known as Joe Biden, is big in the political industry today. He is well known for being Senator, Vice President, and now President. Besides being known as Vice President and today’s President, he has a bigger story behind the scenes. From failures to successful moments, how did he get to where he is now, and where did he come from? Take a look at his early life, middle-age life, and now.

Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania on November 20, 1942. He was educated at the University of Delaware and Syracuse University College of Law. There he studied history, science history, and played football (Joe Biden). While in college, he took a big interest in politics and the inauguration of John F. Kennedy really inspired him. He had political ambitions and worked hard to achieve his goals. Also, according to Biden struggled with a stutter. However, as time went by, he overcame his speech impediment by memorizing long passages of poetry and reciting them out loud in front of a mirror (Joe Biden). Eventually, he overcame his speech impediment and chose a career that is heavy on talking and politics. His family wasn’t privileged therefore, he worked very hard by cleaning school windows and gardening weeds to help his family afford tuition (Joe Biden). Biden didn’t have it easy, therefore he had a tough upbringing, and he insists that his tough upbringing helped him create the person he is today (Joe Biden).

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According to, before Biden officially turned toward politics, he briefly worked as an attorney (Joe Biden). Soon, Joe Biden’s political career started to progress at a local level during his time as a City Counselor, but his federal political career mainly began with his election to the United States Senate at age 29 (Joe Biden). Biden won the election and thought everything was coming out great, but a few weeks later after his election to Senator, his wife, Nelia, 30 years old, his daughter Naomi (Amy), 18 months, and his two sons Beau, 3 years old, and Hunter, 2 years old were involved in a car accident (Biden’s wife, child killed in a car crash). The accident killed his wife Nelia and his infant daughter Amy. The tragedy left him scarred and unable to focus on politics, but he eventually got remarried to Jill Tracy Jacobs. Jill helped Biden get back up on his feet and focus on politics once again. After being Senator from Delaware for many years (1973-2009) he also eventually became chairman. In Senate, Biden oversaw crime prevention and a drug policy. Soon after, Biden ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988 and again in 2008 (Joe Biden). Although his race for Presidency was a failure, Joe Biden was not done with his ambitions. After being reelected to the Senate six times, and being a senior senator, he resigned to serve as Barack Obama’s vice president after they won the 2008 presidential election; Obama and Biden were reelected in 2012 (Joe Biden). As vice president, Biden oversaw many things and resolved a few acts that help us today. For example, the 2010 Tax Relief Act (David). After Obama and Biden were out of office, Biden still had recognition and left many more opportunities for him.

In April 2019, Biden announced his candidacy for the 2020 presidential election (Schiff). He became a Democratic nominee in April 2020 and secured his nomination in June 2020. In early November resulted in voting, and the election lasted a couple of days which was more than usual. After all, votes were counted, on November 9th, 2020 former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris defeated Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in the election. After 2 days of being President, Biden signed at least more than 17 executive orders, more than what recent presidents did in their first days as President. Also, as the U.S. is still ongoing with the COVID-19 pandemic, Biden’s orders overturned several Trump Administration policies. According to the White House, Biden’s orders included rejoining the Paris Agreement on climate change, ending the national emergency at the border with Mexico, directing the government to rejoin the World Health Organization, face mask requirements on federal property, revoking permits for the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, etc (Joe Biden: The President). Recently as of February 4, 2021, the Biden administration announced that the United States was ending its support for the Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen (Biden’s First Act). As Spring is coming and Summer will be around the corner as well, the U.S. is still battling the Coronavirus for about a year, but Biden and the Biden administration are very focused on vaccines for COVID-19. A stimulus care package is also helping many Americans across the country, therefore the Senate of the U.S. recently passed Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus. Biden’s plan to have at least more than a million people vaccine a day was successful as well!

Overall, President Joe Biden came from a low middle class and had a few struggles as a child, but that didn’t stop him from accomplishing the goals he had. Although he didn’t successfully get things right away as it seems, he never stopped working, always continued to work, and wanted to make things right for everyone. As of recently, his plans on changing the U.S. and doing things differently are here to come and are so far being accomplished successfully. Also, Biden’s quick actions as soon as he was inaugurated President say a lot about him today!

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