Main Causes Of Domestic Violence

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First of all, an abusive family background could lead a person to be involved in domestic violence. Family members are the first people we contribute our relationship with, it is hard to deny that we got great influence by our family, and the influence will make a huge impact in a person adulthood. Family background plays a large role in shaping our identity, behavior, beliefs, and values, all these determine how a person treat the people around them. And now let’s look at how abusive background affect a person becoming an abuser. Domestic violence more often occurs in the family background with multi problems such as poverty, violence, substance abuse, and unemployment. Those people who cannot deal with the problems, will suffer a lots form depression, and a small issue could trigger abusive, or even worse, domestic violence towards their family members. Abusers’ family background of domestic violence affects their perceptions about family relationships; conflict, argue, and fighting are considered as normal, and thinks that this is how a family should be like. Several studies suggest that an individual who had experienced of witnessing violence toward siblings or parents in childhood may be as harmful as the experience of victimization itself (Rosenbaum and O'Leary, 1981). Some studies have also suggested that people who see violence in their homes when they were young may view such behaviour as an appropriate means of resolving conflict and also see violence as an integral part of a close relationship (Groves et al., 1993; Jaffe et al., 1988; Straus, 1992. Besides that, studies also shown that domestic violence will cause the victim performed low self-esteem, less able to manage personal problems as well. An abuser who has an abusive background would think that violence is an answer to all problems, as he or she might have already formed a negative perception about family. It is always hard to change someone mindset about something, and even worse is, it is something negative. Abusers who experienced domestic violence in childhood would learn and absorb violence, and think that it is the only way to solve those problems on interpersonal relationships, will lead them to a negative attitude towards the family. Some interesting researches have pointed out that people will usually do the same thing as their parents did before, and this is actually all about the attitude that people learnt and observed from their parents start from a very young age.

Another cause of domestic violence is burden of financial stress. Financial pressure arises from any situation where money worries are causing stress.It may relate to debts you are facing now or financial concerns you have about the future. It could be about actual or feared changes in work or personal circumstances that affect your income. It might be about expected expenses for you or your family.These are hard financial times for many individuals and families. According to the data, financial is the main reason that caused the stress among Americans, and it is much more serious than the following reason, which is personal relationships (25 percent) or work (18 percent).So, what are the causes makes them need to face financial stress? Nowadays, the issue of unemployment keeps rising and it’s hard to get a good salary job. People have to manage and maintain their daily expenses or family’s basic expenses, so they have no choice besides choosing to accept a low salaried job. Besides, rising of debt levels is another cause of financial stress. Today, it’s much more easy to apply for a credit card, people are getting used to spending their future money. A better lifestyle, fashion, luxurious brand, fine dining, etc, credit card made all of it possible, even you earn less than a thousand dollars per month. However, the delaying of payment of the credit card will cause the increment of their debts. Other than that, no or low savings is another cause of financial stress. This is due to the reason people want to get rid off debts and have a better lifestyle. By doing so, they often ignore the impotant of saving. However, we can’t predict our future or the economic situation, saving money is just financially secure for us, it just like a safety net to in case of any emergency. Also a possibility for what i just said unemployment issue keep rising or low economic minimum wage, these might become one of the causes of no or low saving too. Otherwise, financial stress will also impact our life.The first things are our thoughts, financial stress can cause our thoughts to become persistently negative.The second things are our feelings, we might feel anger or frustrated for the financial stress. The changing of our thoughts and feelings will also change our behavior. For example, anger and our negative thought might let us engage in domestic violence.For the people who facing burden of financial, there’s no proper outlet to express thier stress, the only way they could do to express burden of financial stress might choose to carry out domestic violence.

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Lastly, the influence of alcohol drinks is another contribution to domestic violence. After having an alcohol drink, alcohol in our body will effect on cognitive functioning and problem-solving. Most of us have a common sense of alcohol that alcohol will affect the brain centres governing reflective thinking, self-control, restraint and judgment. Hence, any litter dissension will trigger abusive action in a family especially one of the family members had a drink. Based on published studies, Roizen summarized there are up to 57 percent of men and 27 percent of women involved in marital violence, and 13 percent of child abusers after having alcohol drink. “The drinking partner/parents may have a disproportionate response to a perceived slight, insult or other apparent wrong done by partner/family” According to the research, alcohol had been shown to augment aggressive behaviour in both men and women, the inclination to engage in violent behaviour is twice as strong for men. This being so, alcohol abuse by men has been determined to have a much greater role to play in the etiology of domestic violence. When domestic violence had happened after having a drink, the drinking partner may engage in high provocative or aggressive behaviour without thinking about the consequences of his or her actions. The effect of alcohol on brain component associated with risk thinking. Through these effect of alcohol on our body, we already aware that alcohol plays a facilitative role in domestic violence like an unstable boom because we don’t know when or how domestic violence will happen.

As a conclusion, domestic violence does not discriminate. Beside the causes which we mention above, there are still a lot of cause that will lead to domestic violence. Any race, age, religion or gender can be a victim or be a perpetrator of domestic violence. Even its only simple problems, it may also lead to domestic violence. If the issue of domestic violence is not solved sufficiently, then the domestic violence will continue happening among all classes of society with no end.

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