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Racial Equality as What the American Government Should Strive for

Racism is an opinion of “discrimination against someone of a different race or ethnic background that is built upon peoples beliefs” of a superior race. The history of race in America is a true problem in society that the American people have overcame which left many with freedom, justice, equality, and citizenship. Many have felt terrorized by violence and wrongdoing of others who oppress diversity. Diversity is what makes America whole and brings others of different cultures together. First, slavery...
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Hyperbole in I Have a Dream Speech

The ‘I Have a Dream’ speech is a public speech that was delivered by American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. on 28 August 1963. In this speech Martin Luther King is trying to expose the American public to the injustice of racial inequality and persuade them to stop discriminating on the basis of race by joining him in a campaign to extend the freedom of rights to all Americans. In this essay I will critically analyse the content...
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Anti-semitism: Martin Luther And Adolf Hitler

The world has been effected with the hatred of anti-Semitism for many centuries. This hatred can most commonly be seen from the events which occurred during the peak of Nazism which has come to be labeled as the Holocaust. Hitler devised many plans to rid of Jews from European society yet one of the most severe plans in history comes from Martin Luther who wrote an essay in 1543 called “Concerning the Jews and their Lies”. This text presented an...
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Dr. King And Malcom X: Civil Rights Revolutionist

Throughout our country’s history, the United States of America has faced problems within our nation with human rights. Of course, nowadays it is less of an issue, but it is still happening all around us, and it doesn’t make it less of a problem. In the era of segregation, 1984, there were two inspirational leaders, Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X, who changed and moved many African American lives. In “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” and the speech “The...
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James Rachels And Martin Luther: Cultural Relativism And Justice

Rachels principle guarantee is that the hypothesis of social relativism has genuine shortages, though a portion of the premises it depends on are substantial. In Rachels word, it is “not [as] plausible as it appears to be.”(57) One of the primary premises that social relativism remains on is that “different cultures have different moral codes.”(54) Rachels demonstrates this is valid by utilizing a few cases of social practices that vary considerably from our own, remembering marriage for Eskimo people group....
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Martin Luther As The Religious Hero

Once upon a time, three hundred years ago in Germany, a boy named Martin Luther who was destined for great things was born. The era of his life was a time of much religious confusion, where the general public were uneducated and only had the Roman Catholic Church to look to for guidance and acceptance. Luther lived his childhood with little money and few possessions; however, was constantly surrounded by love and compassion, which built him into the person he...
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Rhetorical Appeals in Letter From Birmingham Jail

In the “Letter From Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King Jr, he responds to the accusations labeled against him by the clergymen to justify his actions. In his response, he successfully appeals to the readers through Aristotle’s three appeals: pathos, logos, and ethos throughout the letter. First, Martin Luther King Jr uses pathos by creating an emotional response to his audience about his story and what he had to face. Although he was confined in prison, he found space and...
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The Similarities and Differences of MLK and Malcolm X

Malcolm X was a human rights activist and who associated with MLK Jr. for his argument of allowing both whites and blacks to have the same type of equality. Both speakers use ethos to establish his credibility. MLK Jr. is more persuasive than Malcolm X in his rhetorical appeal because he was the one who preached for equality and unity between the blacks and whites. There were accusations, debates, arguments and persuasion on determining who was anti-white, anti-black, anti-degradation against...
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Antisemitic Views Of Chrysostom, Augustine And Luther

The word antisemitism means hatred of Jews. The Holocaust, the state-sponsored persecution and murder of European Jews by Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945, is history’s most extreme example of antisemitism . St. John Chrysostom was born 347 CE in Antioch Syria and died September 14, 407. He was an early church father, biblical interpreter and was known for being the archbishop of Constantinople. Chrysostom is known as a vehement critic of the Jews . Chrysostom was brought to Constantinople...
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In the Footsteps of Christian Leaders

Christianity has remained one of the strongest and well-known religions for ages dating back to Jesus’s birth. Christianity is the religion established on Jesus Christ the person, his teachings and story. Numerous people partake in and follow Christianity, however there have been individuals who lived their whole lives faithfully and expressed their religions values and beliefs through Christ like actions. St (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta, St Oscar Romero and Martin Luther King Jr. All offered their lives to Christianity through...
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The Activity of MLK and Malcolm X

For all African Americans, both Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X had a common goal: justice, peace and equality. Demonstrated in their speeches like, ‘I Have a Dream’ by Martin Luther King Jr and ‘Talk to Young African Americans’ by Malcolm X, both did not share their strategies or theories. But of course, so many people were supported by both men. Some people think that MLK and Malcolm X wanted the same thing for African Americans, or they were...
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Letter From Birmingham Jail Rhetorical Analysis

Martin Luther King Jr. was one of USA’s most famous civil rights activists’ leader. He was arrested and imprisoned for protesting the harsh treatment of blacks in Birmingham, Alabama. While in jail, he decided to write a letter that answered the concerns of the white religious clergymen. His letter gives a reason to why he is in Alabama, his reasons for breaking the law, his disappointment in the church and finally he hopes that racial prejudice will end and there...
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Letter From Birmingham: Why We Can’t Wait

In a society where there are oppressed, there are also the other side who feel they are not being oppressed at all. Therefore, for the oppressed, what they perceive as actions done for the future greater good, is extremely different from the unoppressed view. From the “Birmingham letter” by martin Luther King Jr in 1963, an action done so innocently for the benefit of achieving ones right turns out to seen as a really controversial issue that sparks up a...
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Powerful Rhetoric In Martin Luther Kings I Have A Dream

During the 1960s era racial tension was at its boiling point. On August 28, 1963 American civil rights activist, Martin Luther King, performed a historic speech titled: I have a Dream. His speech was vigorous, dominant and also compelling throughout due to his hallucinatory use of rhetoric persuasion. Rhetoric persuasion is abundant throughout his eminent speech which helped convince a congregation to take in the message he was propelling. Martin Luther King was very successful with the deliverance of his...
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The Ethos, Logos, And Pathos In Letter from Birmingham Jail

Martin Luther King was a very intelligent man who went to college when he was just fifteen years old. He got his doctorate degree in theology from Boston University, which is a very prestigious school back then. In King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, he is addressing several clergymen who are criticizing his actions during the protest. There is a clear use of ethos, logos, and pathos in this letter. The use of ethos is used right off the bat when...
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Ethical And Unethical Leaders Through History: Examples

Leadership styles have always differed all through history. Leaders use their positions to help others and themselves. They are also responsible for making decisions as well as projecting their visions based on the judgment that will benefit the subordinates. There are many leadership styles, ranging from transformational leadership to democratic leadership to authoritative leadership, and they all have characteristics that distinguish them from the other. This paper’s primary focus is Dark (unethical) and Light (ethical) leaders and their leadership styles....
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