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Nelson Mandela as an Amazing, Brave and Courageous Man

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There are a lot of amazing humans past and present, but as far as I'm concerned there isn't any as heroic as Nelson Mandela. Nelson was a great bloke and he did so much for his country. Nelson Mandela is a hero and I look up to him because of how he changed so many people’s lives for years and years. He also is an amazing person and role model and basically the whole world looks up to him which was well explained in the movie 'Invictus', which I highly recommend to anyone.

He was a very courageous and brave man because he stood up for black people’s rights. He was sentenced to life in prison because of treason. He was in jail over a quarter of his lifetime. Once he got out of jail, he became the countries first post-apartheid president and all of the rules were changed so everyone is equal. He changed a lot of rules which took bravery because of all of the people who still believed in apartheid.

Nelson Mandela influenced not just South Africa but the whole globe. Nelson is one of the most heroic people ever to live. His legacy in South Africa is unbelievable because now they have laws that there has to be a certain number of black people in sport teams. To gain support for the election he used the national rugby team which was loved by blacks and whites. He also became an important person in the ANC and he set up the ANC youth league. After the ANC he went to gain support for peaceful protests around the topic of the country’s racist laws.

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Nelson Mandela is a hero because he is such a brave and courageous man to stand up to the law and do a jail able offense to stand up for his rights. He also peacefully accepted his jail sentence because that is just the type of person he is. Nelson was an extremely peaceful dude because when he became president, he didn’t go against white people but instead he just made them both equal. As proof of that he won the Nobel peace prize in 1993. Each year the Nobel peace prize is given to the person who has done the most for world peace.

Nelson is a hero and some reasons that explain are:

  1. He was very courageous standing up to the law like he did because he knew that he was going to end up in jail but he did the right thing for his country.
  2. Becoming president was a massive move in his life because it happened after he came out of jail which is a big change.
  3. Saving his people from apartheid was probably the most famous thing he ever did. Apartheid was a system in South Africa and Namibia where black and colored people were treated like slaves and the white people were treated as the superior race. Apartheid existed in South Africa and Namibia for 42 years between 1948-1990 committing an act of treason was probably his most heroic move of his.

Nelson Mandela was a great man and his legacy will have a lasting impact on South Africa, I'm sure if he was around today with the whole Black Lives Matter thing, it would have ended by now.

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