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Othello Is Open and Overly Trusting: Persuasive Essay

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Through the progression of Othello's language and character development throughout the story he showed great compassion and honesty to those around him especially his newly founded wife who he truly loves Desdemona. Although he feels this way towards everyone there are people who would take advantage of this trust and further progress the way he feels to his wife and the person he trusted the most throughout the play causing the poor moor to have an ill fate.

Othello's progression as a character starts to downgrade as it moves forward because the more it goes the worse he seems to get straying away from the man everyone once trusted and knew. The development didn't really appear much until page 56 when Desdemona asks Othello if he would like to join the presence of the invited guests. He speaks faintly to Desdemona as if he has heard a rumor about how she was someone(most likely Iago) and has a tone of jealousy and untrust within the sentence that Othello spoke “I am to blame”(3, 2) which would be something, later on, to haunt him if he ever does realize who the true perpetrator was. Although this is a slight and small development for other characters like Iago would like to take this as an opportunity to continue to grow that unsettling feeling and make haste with it.

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Iago's characters development changes as well as he gets inside the head as if he was another voice with his own or a snake slowly but surely wrapping itself around the victim realizing that right after he was almost he was going to be swallowed whole by the thoughts of himself losing Desdemona because, in pages 60-62, he has a sudden breaking point when one vital key item was put into place to completely change the moor and how he perceives his wife saying how she is honest to he being the damnation of this earth makes it completely unthinkable and something I would have not expected from Othello himself being swallowed up on the thoughts that were influenced by one man. The influence that has on everybody is so prevalent throughout the whole book he finds a way to get in people's heads with the littlest things like a trap of poison slowly consuming you to the point of no return because once you have spoken to this man you have already changed ten-fold. Iago is a character to be feared for he is someone with extreme luck and wit he knows exactly what to say to make sure that he makes you believe he's the dumb one and that he should be no longer a target in anyone's head but a friend to trust and have in any time of need. Iago even convinces Roderigo to kill Cassio after he leaves the party because Iago knew from Cassio telling him he was going to leave and sneak out before anyone could notice he was there not wanting to be seen.

Othello trusting Iago creates a totally different character making him be seen as a woman hitter and blaming someone for the smallest of things having him become a monstrous man who once was an honest and caring Othello. Also, the lack of influence Othello had in any situation was really bad because he knew that Iago was someone not to be trusted but over time he got over it and let his guard down on someone. As well as Cassio who was to be believed to have more intelligence than any other man in Othello's crew.

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