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Persuasive Speech on Climate Change

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Climate Change Should Be at The Forefront of Our Governments’ Political Concern

I am speaking today to express my concern about the alarming threat climate change poses to our country, our people, and our home.

The world is in a state of perpetual crisis and climate change should be at the forefront of political concern for our government. It’s disgraceful that the government has allowed this to happen. The government has the power to address Australians publicly and influence their response. Prime Minister, I urge you to give the issues raised in this speech your full attention, and, in turn, confirm to your people that change will happen.

I am positive that I don’t want my grandchildren living in a world that is a radically different planet to the one we live in today, how about you? Without the government implementing policies or practices regarding reducing climate change, our future generations will be living somewhere unidentifiable, all whilst knowing we could have done more for them. In essence, there is a worry about the responsibility of present-day generations to focus on the protection of morality. Are you and your party ready to stand up to protect our planet for future generations? If not, the responsibility of leading our country isn’t the career for you.

The World Health Organisation previously estimated that between 1970 and 2004, the effects of climate change caused upwards of 140,000 deaths worldwide each year. Climate change isn’t just about icebergs and glaciers melting, it’s about human health too. A warmer planet will become unstable and dangerous, affecting our well-being. The consistent change in weather patterns will negatively impact the levels of infectious disease, as diseases and bacteria thrive in such conditions. Earth is continually getting hotter, with a 0.7% weather increase since the 20th century. I ask, do you want to be responsible for deaths that could be prevented?

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The government can play a major role in reducing climate change by transitioning the use of fossil fuels into renewable energy using solar and wind. To reduce the progression of climate change, we need your help to promote and explore these new sources. Since 2018, following Turnbull’s leadership spill, your government has done little towards reducing climate change. Rather, the Liberal party is focused on “creating 1.25 million more jobs over the next five years” and “maintaining budget surpluses” (Australian Liberal Party, 2020). Yes, these issues are important, but climate change is being neglected. Your website states the following; “We are on track to have more than 23% of our energy generated by renewables in 2020”. While the introduction of this act is a start, such a minute percentage is embarrassing. The United Kingdom is among the top 10 countries leading the way in renewable energy. The United Kingdom is using its infamous wind to its advantage, having over 30% of its energy renewable. With the United Kingdom as our influence, Australia should be using sunshine as a natural resource to combat the use of fossil fuels. There is no reason we can’t boost our measly 23% if we think consciously and act effectively.

I trust that you will acknowledge my speech in confidence and act accordingly. The government must take action before it’s too late for humanity. As citizens of Australia, we put our trust in the members we elect and shouldn’t be the ones prompting those in the party to take action. Australians need to make the switch to renewable energy and without the voice of those in power, the effects of climate change aren’t heard enough. Those in the party MUST focus on emphasizing the effects of climate change and broadcast this throughout Australia. Prime Minister, please make a change, for the benefit of our health and our future generations.

I will leave you with this quote by Jay Inslee. “We’re the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it”. (“Jay Inslee Quotes”, n.d., para 1)

Thank you for your time.

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