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Poetry Explication Essay

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This poem begins with the speaker saying “I want you to know one thing” It’s only one quick sentence but it is intense. The speaker says this as if he’s trying to create a firm tone and give off a warning to the reader, that it’s only one thing but it’s very important. Throughout the first stanza, The speaker also addresses that every little thing brings him back to a certain someone, “aromas, light, metals; were little boats; that sail; toward those isles of yours that wait for me.” This quote is very beautiful in its own way because it expresses how passionate love is that even common objects can become reminders of someone you love.

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In establishing how everything he touches and feels brings him back to the girl he uses personification to associate human qualities with objects. “Or the wrinkled body of the log” to prove the powerful desire to be with someone or something for a long time. Developing this idea that he is willing to give up everything for her, he states “little boats that sail toward those isles of yours that wait for me” further explains how committed he is to this woman, nothing will get in his way, he desperately wants her to be fully invested into the relationship as well. Leading up to the tone, throughout the whole poem, it’s very melancholy but also somewhat hopeful and romantic trying to show that he is trying to get her back and make her remember. But trying doesn’t seem to work so In the following stanzas the boy starts to realize the possibility, that he will be forgotten by her and then he will forget her too, although he doesn’t seem too bothered because he knows he will still hold her in his thoughts for eternity. He notices that if she doesn’t accept him he will take everything the relationship was along with him, and she will have nothing, love is mostly remembering the experience, not the memory.

However, the phrase in the 5th stanza represents the boy's attitude towards this girl and how it will change a lot if love goes away. “Wind of banners” Pablo used this effect about the banners that show how the wind just passes through and leaves, just like in this the boy had love, it had an effect and just vanished. The poem uses this metaphor to show the independence of either the woman or the man, to show that if one of them cut the lover out of their life when they weren’t showing the exact amount of love back. Nothing gets really resolved but It becomes clear that if they both are committed the result is love forever, if she chooses to love him and believe in their love, he will be happy and complete.

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