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Pros And Cons Of Australian Immigration Policy

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Australia has been known for many years as one of the most accepting and diverse multicultural communities on earth. Since 1945 Australia has been one of the top 4 countries with the highest immigration rate alongside Canada, the US, and New Zealand (Collins, 2019). Although studies have shown with the rapid growth of population, Australian’s have agreed that housing, roads, and public transport are becoming overcrowded (Wright, 2019). To keep up with the demand of migrants flocking to Australian borders, harsher immigration laws have been enforced by the Australian government to help keep harmony amongst communities of Australia. With political views increasing with immigration and the need to regulate stronger migration laws, racial bias has fuelled some political parties with the economy rising. Accusing migrants of taking permanent residency and jobs leaving Australian’s out of work and housing. Societies views on immigration are mainly led by political parties’ strong opinions and how we should perceive immigrants.

Over the last 5 years, there has been a rapid growth in population driven by overseas migration. These numbers are made up of those on temporary visas, students, and skilled migrants. Although the intake on permanent residency has predominantly increased the growth of temporary and non-temporary migrants. Australia is one of the largest migrating countries and yet 1 in 10 Australian’s believe migrants are less superior than others, that is 1.5 million adults. (, 2015). The complications faced by immigrants are hard enough as they work their way through the border, but society still discriminates against them. Many factors that influence migration are difficult to predict. While social, political, and economic developments are extremely difficult to predict, judgments can be made based on current situations. Ecological disruption is easier to anticipate as there is a large body of scientific evidence to suggest that this factor will be a cause for concern in the near future. Environmental modeling, as well as the poor food standards and water quality, shows that ecological issues are already beginning to present challenges globally.

Each political party has its own perspective on immigration in Australia and how we should moderate the level of migrants coming into the country. The most controversial political party as it stands is One Nation faced by Pauline Hason, with her strong views on immigration and the demand it brings into Australia. One Nation believes that 60% of population growth has come from immigration, therefore, increasing the cost of housing, electricity, schooling, and public transport (One Nation, 2015). Furthermore, under John Howard’s prime ministership from 1998-2008 we see an increase of almost 75,000 immigrants, then continuing on under the Rudd government seeing roughly 190,300 between 2008-09. (, 2019). With this rise in economical growth comes along stronger laws of migration. Claiming to be one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, immigration restrictions have spiked 7.9% in the last 9 years. (, 2019). Labour’s stated it would adopt a ‘long-term’ approach to setting the migration rate, stating it would consider the positive and negative impacts on employment, the economy, and demographic trends. Furthermore, it said that the skilled migration program would target job shortages in local and rural areas to help result in the high demand in populated cities. It was encouraged that migrants take up positions in rural and regional locations where gaps needed to be plugged. (Delzell, 2019)

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Globally, views on immigration are largely pushed by political parties, whether it be by One Nation -Pauline Hanson or Donald Trump’s views on the Mexican border. They are seen to have such strong beliefs that the majority of the population conforms to what they think society is for, not against. When it comes to society views, most people do not think for themselves and yet would rather someone else do it for them, the same goes with their values and beliefs. A good example of Australian’s showing the racial bias of Asian migrants is the control of infant formula and the large demand it has put onto Australian families when they can’t supply nutrition to their own infants, but yet Australian’s have welcomed 40% of Asian migrants into their community and helping them to feel adapted into their culture by supporting local businesses, housing, and jobs.

The Australian nation is split into thirds, with one third being for immigrants migrating into Australian culture, the second third is opposed to more migrants coming into their country as they see it as potential housing and job loss opportunities, and the last third being neutral towards the situation as they do not feel their community will be affected. (Hanrahan, 2019). A survey from The Guardian tells us that 54% of the voters believe that Australia’s population rate is growing is too fast, but while we see the increasing community concern about immigration and population growth, multiculturalism and cultural diversity has enriched the social and economic lives of all Australians. (Murphy, 2018)

Stronger immigration laws will help to alleviate the risk of terrorism in Australia, but if we are to refuse entry to those trying to escape a dark reality, we need to offer more support to help those in need with wanting to gain citizenship in Australia and become apart of our culture. If we are to have these refugee camps, they need to not be overrun by large capacities where individuals are not treated as equals. I ask the question, is there anything Australia can do to help these countries that so many are leaving? Australia is aware that there is a large growth of immigrants coming into the country, why have the government not sought out to build more info structures in rural parts to help support those with no shelter, water, or food? With a higher demand for growth in rural areas, this can help to boost economic living throughout all regional and rural parts of Australia.

Furthermore, there are many pros and cons to welcoming immigrants into the country. We adapt and learn about new cultures, food, religion, and different ways of communication, alternatively helping us as individuals to grow and show acceptance towards other races. The cons can be seen as migrants are taking permanent residency over those in and out of residential care, replacing job loss and language barriers within the community. With the economy growing at a large rate, Australians’s seen to be more open-minded with new experiences and diverse cultures, and therefore politicians will fight for stronger views on immigration law and what they believe is best for their country.

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