Reflections on What Shaped Me

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Did you ever wonder what shapes a person? Well, I will tell you what made me, well me. It all started in kindergarten when my mom said, “Let’s go to the park”. I run and get hit by a jeep. That showed me life can easily be taken, no matter what. Later in life, I found someone who later in life will mean a lot to me. This makes me feel happy knowing I have someone who can mean a lot to me and who cares for me as a best friend. This will lead to us becoming very good at video games and help me remember when I first played video games and how happy they made me.

How did all this shape me? I'll start with the accident. When I was younger in kindergarten, it was my second to last year there and my mom came from work and picked me and my siblings up. On our way out of the building, she told us we can go to the park for a little. As an energetic child, I was so happy, and when we got outside, I looked left and realized it was too late and the black jeep hit me, lucky I only sprained my leg. I remember my mom crying putting me in the back of our car and calling the police as the jeep drove away into the distance and my shoe in the street with blood filling it. I obviously went to the hospital, and at a young age, I realized how cruel the world could be and how anyone can die even on days that seem like nothing bad can possibly happen.

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If we jump a couple of years forward until I'm in the fourth grade. This is the time when I had lots of friends and was part of the ‘cool kids’ in the school. I didn't care for a title or reputation. I just liked the kids I hung out with. We always played games together and played outside in the schoolyard. One day I was playing on my PlayStation with three of my friends. When Tyler invites a random person to join and I and the random best buds do not realize we went to the same school the next day our friend Tyler, the one who invited him, introduces us. I and my newfound friend hung out every day and always talked. When we got to 7th grade he went to another school and I still talked to the old friend I had. In 7th grade, it felt different. I realized how they truly were not my friends; they just wanted me around. I stopped talking to them and moved to the table where the ‘non-cool kids sat’ and felt like the people there were nice. We all became best friends and I continued talking to them and Michael, my friend that Tyler introduced me to. Michael and I became very close over the years, still talking to each other.

Meeting Michael was a good thing and we continued to play lots of games over the years. I and Michael got very good at games and recently talked about our first games. This made me remember the day I woke up seeing my dad playing World of Warcraft and he told me it was fun. He then allowed me to try the game. The game was amazing. I loved it and spent lots of hours playing it and adapting to the game at a very young age. This makes me who I am because WoW was a fantasy MMORPG game and that is my favorite type of game to play. This also helps me think of strategies and just helped me be aware of everything overall. Gaming made me very happy, and at a young age, I realized I was very good at video games and continued to stream and make YouTube videos playing video games, most of them containing adult language because of the games and Michael. I enjoy playing games and spending time with Michael and everyone else in my life.

In conclusion, I think all of these made me the person I am because I am a very funny person. I always overthink things. I'm good at starting and coming up with conclusions about things. I am a very caring person and hate to see others hurt and hate to see people being used and hurt mentally and physically and I sometimes hate myself for things I do. I recently realized I can’t really control things. I just hate the things I do and I need to start to stop hating things that are unstable and I can’t control. But meeting Michael, gaming, and getting hit by a jeep made me the caring, funny, over-thinker, and fantasy-loving person that I am. No matter if no one can change who I am or who you are, and I can care less for people's opinions, I can never be changed and I enjoy never being changed as long as I can spend time with whoever is the dearest to me and I will be a happy person.

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