Review of Jon Kaufman’s Book ‘Long Walk on a Dry Road’

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You can go and study in the most prestigious universities or colleges and learn from the most brilliant professors in the world, study through all the religious organizations and even go to the best cosmetic surgeons ever to use a surgical blade, but none of them can ever turn your heart into a heart of gold. In Jon Kaufman’s book, ‘Long Walk on a Dry Road’, you meet the man who has spent selfless years to try and give clean and safe drinking water to the world's most forgotten poorest of the poor without demanding anything in return. This is Jon Kaufman, a man who has a heart of gold and the founder of H2OpenDoor which installs SunSpring water systems and bottling plants to the world's forgotten.

The fire in his golden heart is ignited during a trip with his sister Jaye in one of their annual play trips, the Royal Caribbean Cruise. They landed in Labadie in a glamorous and beautiful vacation day at a port in northern Tahiti. All the 3000 of them left giant ocean liner to the beach some 500 meters away. There they set their picnic tables where they all continued to party. When they left Labadie, Jaye and Jon looked back from the ocean liner to the beach where they had partied and saw about 1000 people including children invading the camping site for any leftover food and water. This is what fired Jon and he promised his sister Jaye that he was going to do something about it.

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H2OpenDoor did its first project in Africa, Nhobola village in Tanzania where Jon Kaufman and his 16 volunteers participated in the installation of SunSpring water system and bottling plant. Jon Kaufman likes to work on lakes, rivers or any fresh water source. To him, according to the World Bank estimates, 60% of all water wells in the world don't work due to maintenance, and that's too much work and funds wasted. The team had also installed a magnificent system in Lamu, Kenya where there was a big cerebration in the entire town and from the Safari Doctors, the new partners in water, education and peace. His heart of gold is tested during the first water project in Nhobola village, Tanzania where the villagers have been drinking contaminated water since the beginning of time. He flies in the equipment only to be told that he must pay 16% VAT before the free equipment is released to go and give the poor people clean water and eliminate water borne diseases, something that the government hasn't been able to do. Out of good heart, he pays the tax and the villagers start to drink clean and uncontaminated water for their first time. He goes back home happy for the job well done. He now faces the worst test. After one year, as it is customary with any project, he goes back to Nhobola village, Tanzania to see how the project was doing. His heart nearly stopped on learning that the project was doing very well for the first seven months. The government closed down the project because Tanzania bureau of standards had not issued them with a license to use the clean and uncontaminated water. The villagers returned to drinking the contaminated water. Pure heart. He stays there and pushes the authorities until the license is issued.

This displays what kind of the world it is that we live in. Jon Kaufman can tell you that it did not happen in Tanzania alone but it did happen in Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti and many more places in this book. Just don't be tempted to put the book down.

Even if I came across two errors in this book, I have to give it a rating of 4 out of 4 stars. This is due to the selfless work of the author Jon Kaufman and his team for giving the down trodden, around the world clean and uncontaminated water under very dangerous situations. Also, for telling us so well in his own words. This book is a must for everyone and especially the youth who have the energy to change the world.

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