Sesame Place Amusement Park: Overview

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Amusement parks are mainly known as the most exciting places in the world. They are mostly visited in the summer by families. It is a place where you can strengthen your bond between family and friends. Amusement parks are great because they offer a great choice of attractions for all different types of age groups. In many families, it becomes a tradition to visit an amusement park once in a while as a family. Since a young child, I was always taken to Sesame Place, so, therefore, it has become a tradition to always take my son.

As you wait in the long lines to get in, you experience a lot of different things. You see young kids getting yelled at by the parent to stay still. You can see the tall roller coasters going up very slowly and down very fast, causing riders to scream. While in line you can smell anything, from sweets from the candy store to the hot dog stand and the body odor of people running and walking around. All you hear is ‘Wow, that’s pretty cool’ from tourists, witnessing a heart-dropping moment from a ride.

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Next is when the real stress began, deciding on what ride to go first. The Flying Fish Ride was the first we encountered. As my son gets ready to be buckled up, I could see the excitement on his face, while several other parents and I had a frighten look on our face, scared of what might happen. The ride first started slowly by going up and down. In a matter of seconds, the speed started to increase. When the ride stopped you saw the satisfaction look on every kid’s face. Next was time for the Mini Monster Clubhouse.

The park food offerings were better than you would expect, it had many healthful options available. The prices for the food were really expensive, but it was worth it. We ate pizza with tenders and fries. Everything was fresh, the fries were very crispy and the pizza had the perfect amount of mozzarella cheese. The best part of lunchtime was the characters who were also dining with us. When the character walked, in every child’s face was lit up. Elmo, Ernie, Bert, and Abby were able to put on a show. The characters were very friendly and did a great job of choosing how to interact in ways that were best for both the kids and parents. It could be said that everyone was comfortable.

Sesame Place is the perfect theme park for little kids. Everything is meant for children, both under and over 42 inches. They have plenty of activities to take part in. A lot of things have changed from the food menus to the rides. One thing that hasn’t changed is the educational child appropriation entertainment, which is why a lot of families enjoy visiting with the young ones. Here, not only a child will have the best time of his life, but also an adult’s inner child can come out.

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