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Should Recycling Be Mandatory: Argumentative Essay

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There is no doubt that we cannot replace plastic completely, but we need to find a way to manage it. If everyone starts recycling, it can benefit not only mammals but us as well. It will help reduce land and water pollution. A lot of plastic ends up directly in the environment, breaking down into small portions, polluting our soil and water, and contributing to the ocean's Great Garbage Patches (Guern 2019). So, not only that but recycling helps creates jobs, since 2016, over 757,000 jobs and manufacturing industries were created and the unemployment rate in the US went down to 3.6% (Recycling Basics 2018). Creating more jobs and industrial manufacturing can help us keep plastic out of the ocean to save marine animals. There will be people that may say that they don't have time to recycle and it is understandable, but even doing something as small as putting used plastic straws and water bottles into

a recycling bin will be more beneficial than throwing them on the floor or in the ocean. Many people are also contributing by using eco-friendly items such as reusable straws, bags, containers, and many more items. Consumers could, in theory, exert market pressure on manufacturers to choose better, more sustainable materials for packaging, and not to overpack. In practice, too few consumers have enough concern or knowledge about the consequences of their waste to have much influence.

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Certainly, some people will say what’s the point and huge deal about recycling? Look around you, if we don’t make a change our entire world will only be overwhelmed with trash and the once beautiful world you once knew will be gone, there won’t be a future to see, if a change doesn’t start happening now, in the next 50 years, plastic pollution will outweigh fish pound for pound (Earth Day Network 2018). The government plays a huge role in reducing the amount of plastic that’s around us. At a minimum, governments should implement recycling, and organic waste collection, informing people on what people should be disposing of and promoting recycling and waste production.

Especially in populated areas, that collection should be curbside. It should be as easy and convenient to send something for recycling or composting as it is to send it for regular solid waste or trash pickup. What we should be doing is removing subsidies and taxing virgin resources sufficient to level the playing field with recycled resources. Requiring slowly escalating percentages of recycled materials in many products would also help raise the prices of recyclables and make processing facilities more economical. In other words, Governments must stand up and take accountability to end this pollution epidemic because they can have a huge impact on citizens and change the way people do things and the way they think. Many people are doing their part to reduce plastic pollution by recycling and reducing single-use items, but it’s just not enough on its own neither is it a permanent solution.

Therefore, if everyone contributes to recycling, even if it’s just a small amount, it can make our environment a healthier place, create jobs, and overall helps the ocean and its marine life. You are part of this planet, and it’s your duty to help protect it, together, we can save help save energy, and protect our bodies of water, and the land.

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