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Social Media Is Evil: Persuasive Essay

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Is Social Media Good? Thousands of people are using Social Media in today’s world without knowing the consequences of using it. Everyone wants to be the best one. Have you ever wondered what Social Media can do to one’s life? Does it make life better or worse? Does it benefit the user or harm? If you ask me, then I would say that there are more risks than benefits of social media because it decreases the amount of social interaction between people, increases the amount of cyberbullying, and violates privacy.

Social Media can decrease the amount of social interaction of people with others. People are just active with their friends online, but when it will come to connecting with them personally, they will not have a single topic to discuss about. It might destroy the relationship that they had before. Some might oppose it by saying that people can present themselves in a way that they want people to see them (George). If the users can present themselves in the Media, why can they not present themselves to the people personally? If the user thinks that society will judge him or her for showing his or her true self, then people are going to do that one way or another. If we have the courage to show ourselves on Social Media, we should have some courage and self-confidence to show it to society.

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Cyberbullying means insulting or harassing a person on the platforms of Social Media. Cyberbullying appears easy to the bully because the person who is bullying cannot see the consequences or the victims’ reaction to the bully in person. The consequences of bullying can be very small to the bully, but in the meantime, it can also be life-changing to the victim. It can change the victim’s personal and professional life and behavior and even make him or her mentally weak. Because of cyberbullying, people can end up committing suicide. According to Suren Ramasubbu, “Pew research found that nearly 39 % of teens on social networks have been cyberbullied in some way.” Some people cyberbully others because it makes them look powerful or popular, whereas several others just do it because they have seen their friends do it; however, few others cyber bully because they have been a victim before.

Millions of people share their whole biodata or important personal details on Facebook like where they work, when they were born, where they live, and small details about their life. “Many people reveal everything from their musical tastes and political and sexual orientation to their drinking and drug habits and their inner thoughts and feelings” (George). If we do not share our phone numbers or date of birth with some total strangers, then why do we share personal details like those on the web where they can get loose very easily? What social network users post on their Media can be used against them in the future even though it was not that big of a deal when they posted it. For instance, before giving a job to the employees, employers look them up on Google or Facebook and see if they are qualified for the job or if they have posted something that was not supposed to be posted. Some people might say that social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram can help build a relationship with the ones who are far away and cannot be reachable. Even though social media can bring you closer to those people, it destroys the relationship with the people who are reachable. It disconnects the user from reality.

Some might oppose it by saying that they can learn abundant new things from social media. Social Media is not all about bullying or insulting, but it can be about exploring new things by reading someone else’s blog or posts from a news reporter. You can learn things from it that you have never heard of. I cannot argue with that; however, looking at the screen can affect your vision poorly. Looking at the screen for a long period is not good for the eyes. Social media can lead to too many risks such as lack of social interaction, cyberbullying, and loss of privacy. There are many other risks on top of those like Facebook depression, Sexting, sleep deprivation, and obesity. To prevent the loss of privacy, what I did is I set my account to privacy mode. I would highly recommend other users do that if they keep wanting to use the social network. The privacy mode setting is available on all the platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition to that, we can also prevent it by relieving as less information as possible on the platforms.

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