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Era of Social Media: Informative Essay

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As we come along to the era of online presence where social media plays a vital role in the process of communication. driving major changes in social media over the last few decades, it has evolved from no connections to meaningful connections, providing people with an identity and social graph that follows them across the web world. with creating a framework in that place, the next coming years would be more interesting.

Fueled by the advancement in technology, we are stepping ahead to the digitally accessed world where we are connected with the wireless networks and hardware that make social media possible to make strong get stronger. Therefore, brands use new marketing tools for promoting their products or services, and emerging communication channels through which to improve and create a transparent relationship between a brand and its customers.

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However, social media engagement increases loyalty and generates word of mouth (mouth-to-mouth publicity), people are now positively interacting with brands on social media which gives rise to the brand towards development (as they get the reviews/feedback about their product and services immediately) as access to online platforms gives a sense of emerging with customers and giving them a variety of forms to make the brand more potential. for example, now the apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others make the brand more consistent by their promoting advertisements as it interrupts our privacy due to which the brands sense the kind of taste one particular has. hence when they are on other web pages they start seeing the advertisement related to the products they were searching for, so this kind of advertisement helps brands to know the taste of the customers and their responses towards products/services. the big companies collect customer data and plan the new way to communicate with the customer by providing them with new online platforms.

In addition, engaging in such big platforms give rise to brands expanding their business as it gives them accurate information about their customer responses. the next coming years would be greater, as we can see the way people are attracted towards online platforms and engage themselves by creating their own pages on social media platforms to promote the brand and themselves too. for example, apps like TikTok which is getting very famous day by day as people are creating videos over it to promote themselves and the brand which makes this platform more customer-oriented, as I am also active on that application and I see the brands are engaging themselves to people by providing the variety of products they have through the videos and giving the links to watch more or to buy online.

I would like to conclude by saying that as the advancements will take place in the era of technology, the brands and the connection between their customers will increase in the coming five years, but we have to be very careful while engaging ourselves with these platforms so that there will no leakage of personal information.

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