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Is Social Media Making Us Less Social: Argumentative Essay

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Social media’s increasing popularity is the phenomenon of the last decade. Each day social media gains tons of new users. The numbers of social media usage are mindblowing. On average, in one day 65 billion Whatsapp messages are sent, 2 billion minutes of calls are made and the platform has 450 million daily users. All these extreme figures are only for one platform of social media. The world counts almost 8 billion human beings and 1/16 of them are daily users in one of the many social media platforms. Half a century ago people wouldn't imagine even a glimpse of this evolution. What seems vital for us now wasn't imaginable half a century ago.

On one end of the spectrum, social media has improved our lives by making a ton of things way easier than they used to be. 100 years ago people would have to send a letter that would take 5 days or more to arrive just to exchange one little message to someone abroad, not to mention that not every letter got sent and not everybody had access or financial possibility. In our modern era, we can exchange an infinite number of messages or information in little than 5 seconds and the cost of that is virtually inexistent. This reliability helps people in most life fields, such as work relationships, business deals, cultural exchange with people across the world, political movements, and integrations, communication with a family member abroad, a friend, or just someone that you plan to hang out with sometime later. It improves our lives by making every link of the world easier and thus makes us benefit from the qualitative world that surrounds us. It makes all things in this time-limited world faster and easier.

On the other end of the spectrum, it can be harmful to the aspect of our lives that ironically carries the name, 'social' life. Even though it seems perfect in paper and doesn't expose any harm it actually presents a big harmful effect.

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Social media can improve our lives in the sense of financial well-being and reliability in every transaction but can demolish our psychological and physical well-being. Social media presents us with a virtual world of communicating and socializing and most of the time leaves no space for real conversation and real social life. Having the chance to talk on the phone or messages with someone else 'inhibits' us from actually meeting with people and socializing in the real world in concrete ways. People become lazy, inactive, and unhealthier because the reliability and usability of social media create a type of dependency. Why would someone want to go to the park to meet someone new when he can search for people on social media and start socializing behind the screen? People start to speak less, hear less and socialize less and that is bad for us, human beings.

It is one of those cases when we should use some of our basic tools for success, moderation. We, human beings should mimic people a century ago in the bad spectrum of social life and use the advantages social media carries to keep ourselves healthier and better in every aspect. We should try to use social media only to communicate with those who we can't meet in person, be in look for ways of improving ourselves, find easier ways of completing our daily tasks, and exchange important thoughts and opinions. Moderation should be the key to our lives and social media doesn't make an exception. So the answer to the question is: it depends on the way we use it. It can be very helpful or very harmful if we let it be.

We should moderate social media usage to an extent that it doesn't interfere with our socializing as human beings.

If we manage moderation then social media will always be beneficial to our lives.

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