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Social Media Culture Essay

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People who use social media contribute to the cycle of mediated information

Media is a communication that is passed down through broadcasting, publishing, or on the internet but in the olden days, it was something hard to reach worldwide as some people can’t afford it or has no knowledge of its existence. Only after the 1940s when the first computer was created, scientists and engineers begin to develop more ways to make media spread worldwide. Now in the 20th century media is fully known and it helps us share the culture with each other. It somehow increases the connection between each other as it’s a mediated communication that doesn’t need face-to-face communication and uses symbols to show expressions. Culture is something passed down from generation to generation. As these both combine together it gives freedom for the people. It even helps access information about what’s happening around the world and the developments of the cultures or creative ideas, precautions of conflicts, and even news about the locals, and economic growth. By this, people somehow can sync in with the world as they know how culture is changing throughout the world through the media.

When media spreads around more the culture also changes everywhere. For example, when we are traveling to work despite the location that we are traveling we are using a phone with an earpiece plugged into our ears where it's muting our surroundings watching videos, dramas or even listening to music while reading news. We barely even look up to see what’s happening around us. Try glancing around a restaurant and it’s hard to see people who don’t have their heads down. After the culture change, we stopped looking up to see our surroundings as we are more intimidated to talk to someone or even look at someone once the media has improved and spread worldwide as it brought laughter just through a mediated conversation. By doing so we forget how people use to be nice and we hide that in and show our outer self to strangers or our own family. But it doesn’t stop there, we are also losing our eyesight from a young age in whatever ways we are trying to get media stuff. We also start to laze around as everything is in our hands now because of that we don’t even focus on our health much or we don’t even have time to do exercise to be fit. In school or workplaces, we are working so hard to keep in sync with the world by spreading the media every minute around as we start to panic it stops for seconds.

In the olden days, different races like the Chinese, Indians, and Malay used to sit outside their house afternoon after their nap time or after kids returned home from their long hours of school and relax outside talking to each other as those days they all lived in kampong style or hut houses rather than the HDB blocks where there is privacy just between families and not much communication between their neighbors as they mind their own businesses. By doing so we are not sharing each other’s traditions and culture because if we understand each other we create less problem of racism and learn how to accept each other’s culture and traditions as Singapore.

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Nonverbal behaviors such as facial expressions, hand and body gestures, posture, and other actions which convey meaning are not used as we are having more of a mediated communication people use emojis as a sign of expression to others. But if you are in

love a heart sign would do it all to express your feelings to one another. Even sending those signs to someone around the world whom we don’t even know is going through a hard time could get relieved just those messages of signs. But sometimes emoji’s are seen differently or misunderstood which leads to conflict with each other as people are not seeing your action in real.

According to the internet, 18-29 years old uses 88%, 30-49 years old use 78%, 50-64 years old 64%, and 65+ years old use 37% of the social media daily according to research. By using these teenagers can face side effects such as cyberbullying, sexting, and even depression and loneliness which can lead them to suicide. It’s something that could follow you everywhere you go like example a child is bullied at school but only a few people witness it whereas in social media everyone sees it and there’s no room to escape. That’s why the rates of suicide are getting higher as the years pass by as more people are hooked on the phone every time. It also leads to blurred vision at a young age which affects even more later in older age by either blinding the elderly or blurry vision. All ages are just using social media to comfort themselves which ears them to forget about their own health and what are the consequences would they face after they get older. Most of the country’s population half of them are not exercising or controlling the food they eat

Singapore has a population of 5.75 million, internet users are 4.83 million, and active social media users are 4.80 million which is almost 83% of people using the internet in Singapore daily despite our office hours and schools hour a day. The stress level in Singapore only lets us escape through social media where people get their joys and laughter.

After all the disadvantages there are also advantages where it improves people's skills of multi-tasking, keeping in touch with family members and friends all around the world, it also helps to make new friends and keep in touch with them throughout the years and even visit them to learn about their culture and traditions. Not only that it helps maintain people’s prestige of themselves as when we are complete strangers with someone we tempt to stumble upon our words or don’t have a proper facial expression and reading and writing skills are improved as in certain countries English aren’t their first language or some people don’t have the habit of reading books.


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