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The Effects of Computers on the Environment and Human Life

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The first electro-mechanical programmable computer was made by German Konrad Zuse, during the 30s. A computer is an electronic and used device for processing and storing data. They can impact the environment in many ways. But not only does it impact the environment, but in human health too. These effects include global warming, computer addiction, and physical health issues.

The world is being harmed because of global warming: polar ice caps are melting at a rapid rate leaving many arctic animals endangered. What causes global warming? Well, global warming is mainly caused by human expansion of the ‘greenhouse effect’. This causes the increased atmospheric CO2 concentration, the more industrial enterprises, the more CO2 is transferred to the atmosphere. There are many industries that produce computers, like Apple and Microsoft. The more computers that are being made today would impact global warming. Why would it affect global warming? In-depth, many parts of a computer need many machines to manufacture them, which would cause much CO2 gas emitting. This comprehends the number of them that are being made for people. Roughly about 37 million computers are being sold yearly. Printing also impacts global warming: deforestation occurs to make more paper for printing. Deforestation is the removal of a forest or stand of trees. We need trees in order for us to receive oxygen. Not only does paper influence the loss of many trees, but the process of making paper itself. Many industries/factories that produce paper, emits many CO2, which is very bad for the environment. The process of making ink for printers also affects global warming. Ink is made out of carbon black, which is produced by natural gas or oil. Natural gas and oil are types of fossil fuels that can never be replaced for another decade. Other computer supplies that are needed, also contributes to the emission of carbon dioxide from the industries that assemble them.

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Being on a computer for 12 hours or more would be considered an addiction. Why does the addiction happen? Computer addiction is caused by the development of bad habits with their computer. People tend to utilize it repeatedly as their stress reliever instead of having to cope with the stress. Is it crude? Yes, it is harsh for those who struggle with computer addiction. They may get isolated from the concrete world which might cause a severe feeling of depression and loneliness in them. Computer addiction can also alter the behavior of some people by competing in violent games. They would tend to develop rage and or use of foul language, in which would possibly lead to cyberbullying. Computer addiction could also influence kids who are being educated. Some kids would prefer going online than to focus on their studies, which would prompt them to not graduate from high school and not conduct a career in life. Computer addiction would also invest people to spend money more on what they see online.

Spending more than 10 hours on a computer could also lead to physical health problems like loss of eyesight, numbness of fingers, and more. You are sitting on a chair, operating your computer and then you feel a bit uncomfortable. Sitting on a chair for too long can cause back pain or chest sore. This is common for most people. Overusing a computer can also cause headaches because of the lack of vision correction. Headaches can vary from mild to severe. Eye strain causes symptoms of fatigue, blurred vision, and an eyesore. These are the types of physical health problems you could be dealing with when you use a computer.

In conclusion, I believe that computers impact the environment and human lives in a crucial way. All the industries that produce computers impact global warming by emitting carbon dioxide. In my opinion, I think people should find a way to produce computers without harming the environment, considering it an eco-friendly computer. I also believe that computer addiction and the symptoms of using computers can imitate people’s lives in several ways. However, computers can have many positive outcomes from them! Like saving more paper and ink.

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