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The Importance of Family in German Media

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German supermarket chain, Edeka released a Christmas-themed advertisement back in 2015, starring elderly a father who resorts to a dramatic extent to bring his children together for Christmas. The ad opens on him receiving several voicemails from his kids saying they can’t come home for Christmas, and as the time-lapse edit continues he realizes that he is not the only one that spends it alone. This commercial moved people around the world saying “This is the most heartbreaking commercial ever”. This ad also made headlines on newspapers, blogs, and TV programs in Germany starting a debate across the country on “what is the importance of family?”

If we look at the definition of family, it says it is the people you share genetic material with the ones who are related to you by blood. This relationship starts with your immediate family, then moves onto your extended family. This dead set definition doesn’t cover every single form of family for example marriage and adoption, which are ways on how to ingress into a family without sharing blood. Our family is the first introduction and interaction of the world that we experience. We learn the everything through them such as social communication and emotional needs, because the human species is a social being, which makes it impossible to live a unaccompanied life.

Family provides us with a feeling of protection. It acts as the barrier against the outside world that we need in order to learn on becoming a better person. In the basic sense, we are unable to fend for ourselves when we come into the reality of the world. Our family conveys the knowledge of these basic social interaction to us and these basic actions are called values. They determine not only just the interactions we get involved into but also the thinking that goes behind those interactions. It’s our family who takes care of raising us and providing the basic needs for us. As we grow older and the more we are exposed to the world our family becomes more available to us for emotional support.

Love is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection in another, love is the factor that comes to mind first, love is what is runs and keeps the family together. All people have the need to love and to be cherished and this all starts with initial love from family. We learn to love from our family. Through love we learn about affection, concealment, belonging, and compassion. However, we don’t just learn to love by ourselves and to love each other, each family member has to work on building and nurturing love for each other.

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Loyalty is what others would say is the product of love. It is what makes a family build a strong bond during the most glorious days to the darkest of days. Which makes us defend one another, stand up for another’s unjust treatment. Family cheer each other on to victories and to suffer with each other in defeats. They support each other no matter what.

In the long run, strong relationships among family is crucial to retaining it. A family without desirable relationships fall apart in no time and in doing so it changes the family relation on an extraordinary level. In other words, powerful family relationships are the simple glue that holds society together.

As discussed above, the importance of family, is truly shown in this commercial. It truly shows how far they relationship has strayed away from one another. The commercial shows all the children who live around the world and living their own live and unable to come home to spend Christmas with their father. This is when the father takes the dramatic extent of faking his own death to bring together his children to spend together.

This German commercial brings light into everyone’s eyes. Conveying the message that family is the most important in one’s life, that work isn’t as important as family is to us in the world.

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