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The Importance Of Friendship In Our Daily Life

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There are so many precious things that we are interested in in daily life and friendship is also no exception. It can be considered the most valuable thing that anyone can have in their life. Living life without having the experience of friendship is like living without a soul. Human interaction is essential for survival in our society, but developing friendships is crucial to the success of any person. That is why is friendship important and why we should appreciate this sacred relationship based on our perceptions and sensations. In general, there are three fundamental benefits to having a friend.

First of all, a good friend can make you happy when you have trouble. When you have a problem, the primary thing that you need at that time is someone who can listen to your problem and help you get the negative thoughts out of your head and a friend is what you need. They will listen to your concerns for hours and give you the best solution for your problem. They can see things from a different point of view and inspire you to be happy and a better person because life is full of beautiful and colorful things and there are so many things to care about. Also, we sometimes view the world as a sad place that is filled with negative and bad things, but a friend will appreciate, support, and show you with positive thinking rather than show you the opposite of it.

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Second, a friend can help you study better. As the ancients say: ” two heads are always better than one ”, a friend will give you various ideas and perspectives to a problem so show you can obtain many efficient ways to deal with it. For example, I have a best friend named Nhu. The time I almost failed the class last semester, she has taken all her time to help me learn and she helped me to practice more with extra homework. Also, they can help you stay focused on the assignment, limit distractions surrounding, improve your motivation for studying and eliminate your procrastination. Besides that, a friend can help you answer questions about the coursework that you may not understand and explain fundamental theories and simplify any uncertainties you have. They can look at the problem from a different point of view so you can solve problems in various ways. This fact can be helpful in critical thinking, creating ideas, and solving creative problems.

Lastly, a friend will not make you feel lonely. How can you feel lonely when there is someone who is always standing by your side and gives you a hand when you need help. On the other hand, a friend will tell you silly jokes and funny things that will make you smile and forget your sadness. As we know, smiling is the best medicine for those who are in pain and good amusement will relieve all your struggles in life.

In conclusion, life is hard and you can make life easier by having good friends who are always by your side when times are tough. Living life without having the experience of friendship is like living without a soul. Friends can make you happy when you have trouble. Friends can also help you study better and will not make you feel lonely. Thus, obtaining a companion is an essential thing in our lives. Based on the given information, I think everyone should have friends, they will give you the best advice, and they will like a partner who can share more wonderful things with you like your family.

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