The Importance of Students Complying with the Academic Honor Code for Their Future Nursing Profession

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In relation to the definition of honor, an individual must understand that in order to receive honor, one must act with honor. The word honor originates to the Old French term onur and honuren. Being a noun, onur refers to 'glory, renown, fame earned', while the verb honuren is 'to do honor to, show respect to” (Harper). To cling to what is right is to show honorability. Honor is a representative connection between an individual and a set of morals. It is the character of an individual whom arises from both social teachings and personal ethics. The dictionary states that honor displays itself through the adherence toward a code of conduct and is in association with several qualities such as honesty, respect, and integrity (Merriam Webster). The general means of honor coincides with integrity—to act just-fully and obediently to a set of guidelines or expectations.

Within education institutions, a compilation of required behavior is structured for a mutual foundation in regards to conduct. Baylor University Honor Code Policy and Procedures states, “Baylor University students, staff, and faculty shall act in academic matters with the utmost honesty and integrity” (Baylor University). In reference to an honor code, it is a way of systematically and philosophically managing various endeavors which are based on honesty, trust, and honor. Academically speaking, an honor code operates as ethical principles within set rules to guide an educational community from an ideal standpoint that defines behavior that is acceptable and honorable within its community. Being applicable to all, the honor code heavily relies on the “notion that people can be trusted to act honorably” (Educalingo). An academic honor code exercises trust whereby each person is relied upon to obey the given rules and regulations without complete supervision.

By putting an honor code to use, it creates reliability and builds trust. The purpose of an academic honor code is to give the fullest independence to students while ensuring integrity of completed work. Honor codes serve an important role with education as it initiates responsibility and growth with the students to continually abide by what is right, while also learning to respect and function well under authoritative guidelines. At the collegiate level, personal responsibility is presented to the students from the honor code and can aid in strengthening one’s integrity. The value which academic integrity holds is setting a pathway to obtain honor, as the trust of others is gained. In addition, academic integrity imparts merit towards an individual’s desired degree. Through the lens of employers, it is preferable to acquire graduates that hold reputable personal integrity.

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The fundamentals of the nursing profession begin with ethics and honor. Ethics and honor are the fundamentals to the nursing profession as a whole. As a nursing school student, the manner in which one adheres to an academic honor code will be a reflection of one’s character and conduct portrayed within the nursing profession. The nursing honor code provides universal guidelines for nurses to follow while making difficult decisions regarding patient care. It is imperative that nurses carry this honor with the utmost respect due to the responsibility of maintaining patients’ lives and well being. Furthermore, students in nursing school must diligently practice abiding by the honor code in preparation for the immense task of being held to a much higher honor standard of the American Nursing Association, while in practice as a Registered Nurse.

As a Registered Nurse, one must adhere to the American Nursing Association’s Code of Ethics. This code “was developed as a guide for carrying out nursing responsibilities in a manner consistent with quality in nursing care and the ethical obligations of the profession” (American Nurses Association). A foundational philosophy of the Code includes respecting patient’s dignity and human rights for all individuals. Patients entrust nurses with their lives, therefore nurses must create a relationship of mutual trust and respect. Not only do nurses owe respect and honor to their patients, but nurses must also hold themselves to a higher honor to the obligations of the profession.

While this event with the Apple watch was quite an unfortunate mistake, it was an immense learning experience. It showed me that I need to take full responsibility for my actions and mistakes no matter what the consequences may come out to be. It taught me to be cautious in every action and decision that I make and to not make careless mistakes. From my learning experience as a nursing student, I acknowledge that I will always be held to a higher honor code that must be maintained in every situation. Thus, in prospect to my nursing career as a licensed nurse, in order to obtain honor, I must act with honor.


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