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Animal Cruelty In The USA: Categories And Reasons

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Recently I saw a piece of very sad news on social media that is become very major in the world. The news that I saw was about animal abuse. A dog was hanged and shot with a BB gun at Sacramento, California. The dog was shot from head to toe and the veterinarians described that they had never seen this kind of case before and it is sad and horrific to hear about them. These kinds of cases are not rare in the United States, and there is much news out there for many years that show animal cruelty. My question for animal cruelty is that why is there violence towards animals and are these cases increasing in society? Also, what are some of the consequences if they get caught doing them. Many website articles explained these questions.

To begin with, why is there animal cruelty? Having to apply harm towards animals are not the usual thing. Of course, we are not educated that all animals are a very dangerous species too. People are having dogs, cats, and many other animals as pets and treating them with love. Then what is causing some of these people to become violent? A website, Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation (WRR), introduced an article that explained some of the reasons and types of people who cause animal abuse. The article described that “animal cruelty is often broken down into two main categories: active and passive” (WRR). Active Cruelty is when people cause direct violence towards the animal such as injuries and death and Passive Cruelty is when people cause less action towards the animals but having the connection of death such as starvation and dehydration (WRR). These two types could be born from a person’s past childhood history. If the parent of the suspect was abusive to their children or their pet, there is a chance that the person might become domestically violent and cause animal abuse in the future (WRR). Some of the possibilities why there is violence towards animals is probably from the suspect's parents and how they were raised in the past.

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Statistics have shown many results on who causes animal abuse and how many cases there are that involve animal cruelty. An article by Hayden Howler introduced statistics about animal cruelty. As said before, domestically violent people could cause harm to both people and pets. The article explains that “71 percent of domestic violence victims reported that their abuser also targeted pets” (Howler). Domestically violent suspects are having a higher chance of causing abuse towards animals. Also, The Humane Society of Utah Cruelty Investigation Department introduced statistics about animal cruelty. Even though it is only an investigation in Utah, the statistics showed a big result about animal cruelty. In the data, there was “285 investigations in 2008 involved 804 animals; 240 investigations in 2009 involved 807 animals; … 189 investigations in 2016 involved 461 animals, and 177 investigations in 2017 involved 725 animals” (The Humane Society of Utah). In Utah, it does not show an increase nor a decrease in animal abuse, but there are ups and downs in them. However, just to clarify, this is only for Utah. There are 50 states in the United States, and if each state had the same data in 2017, that would be 36,250 animals involved in the cruelty investigations, which is a lot.

For these suspects being caught having to do animal abuse in the United States, each state has its punishment towards the people. For Utah, the different types of abuse will cause different fines towards the suspect. “Cruelty will fine up to $1000, imprisonment up to 6 months and Aggravated Cruelty will fine up to $2500, imprisonment up to 1 year” (Stray Pet Advocacy). As one of the largest fines in the states, California will have a fine up to $20,000, imprisonment up to 1 year, and be categorized as Felony Provision. Even though each state has its measurement towards animal cruelty, they do have a fine and penalty towards the suspect.

In conclusion, animal cruelty has two categories, active and passive, and the person could become suspect because of their past childhood from being treated violently. Some statistics show animal cruelty in Utah, and even though it is not increasing data, there are still many animals being threatened each year. As a punishment for being caught, every state has its punishment and fines, and this will include imprisonment also.

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