The Integrity Among Royal Malaysian Police (RMP): An Ethical Perspective

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The integrity of civil servant is always questioned by the society, so it raises public awareness of misconduct and abuse of power during delivery services, especially in the uniform department such as the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP). For that reason one case study on integrity among Royal Malaysian Police (RMP): An Ethical Perspective had been done by Haniza Hanim Mustaffa Bakri, Jamaliah Said and Zulyanti Abd Karim (2015). The objective of this study to evaluate the present level of integrity among RMP officers. The data collection via distribute questionnaires or quantitative method involved 189 officers in RMP.

In this study, the author highlight the important of the integrity in the RMP officers which is will reflect to the image of the department. The strong justification and reasonable recommendation by the author. Based on the case study, the civil servant must be trusted and honest during performing their job. According to Amstrong, (2005) integrity in civil servant such as police officer refers to employees “honesty” or “trustworthiness” in performing their official duties, avoiding “corruption” or “the abuse of office”. According to Akir, (2012) he defined integrity is an indicator for trust, competence, professionalism and confidence. He also conceptualised integrity into three (3) dimension which are prevention, accountability and enforcement. The author had mention, to maintain their discipline, obey for rules and regulation and being accountable for one’s action must have integrity. Many studies had done which proved that high level of integrity among the civil servant would avoid any unethical behaviour among their employees. Therefore, the behaviour of employees might be a symbol employed by the management to point the extent of integrity among the workers.

In this studies integrity are measure by given 11 scenario for them to feedback. The finding in this studies show that the officer in RMP have high in integrity but at the same time perception and view from society to the RMP reflect negative image. In order to get a give a good image to the RMP, the authors suggest the RMP to promote and build a public trust and confidence. Beside that the RMP should strengthen the external credibility of enforcement officer.

Supported the case study above, the author strongly agree that the important of the integrity in RMP officers. This is often because with integrity the worker will perform their work with calm, sincere and obey with the rules and regulation. Additionally in ethics and integrity issues government aware and plan a strategy to overcome it. Last June 2014, Prime Minister had announced the mandate of establishment of Integrity and Governance Committee at all level in the state and ministries. MACC is held liable for conducting agencies to work out the acceptable model of Integrity Unit, conduct a research, planning, drafting and developing control policy and integrity institutionalization initiative for Integrity Units under ministries, state governments, departments and government agencies. This initiative is hoping to control criminal misconduct and violations of the code of conduct and ethics within the civil service organization.

According to the Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission Annual Report in 2011, 2012 and 2013 show that, government agencies have low integrity behaviour will leads to misconduct and abuse of their power. Statistic show RMP takes the highest number within 3 years. Obviously RMP, had a bad impression from the society this is because the highest numbers of report regarding the misconduct and abuse of power. In addition to trash the image of the RMP to society.

In fact, issues on RMP are related to public integrity. The rationale is because the public integrity itself acts as an indicator towards the standard of acting in accordance with the moral values, norms and rules that's accepted by the politics and public bodies. Besides that, in an effort for Malaysia to become a high income and developed nation to satisfy the expectations of Vision 2020, the Malaysian Public Service continues to redefine itself during challenging times. Through the implementation of various programs like One Malaysia, National Blue Ocean, the Malaysian Public Sector continually, work together in promoting the integrity in Malaysian Public Sector.

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In order to give a good impression to RMP, authors also suggested to enhancing the that public perception about police, strengthening the policy and change the mind-set of the society. My personal opinion agreed with the authors. I believe with good image of RMP will increase the confidence and build a trust between two parties. Some how the comments from the society without empirical support.

Apart from this, involvement and committee who is planning, drafting and monitor the public complaint and integrity body. MACC, Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission and Integrity and Ombudsman should play an important role for create awareness to extend the understanding of the ethics and integrity policies. Managing ethically is an important leadership competency.

Department should work from hand to hands with the Malaysian Public Sector to make sure the programme’s success. In managing ethically is an important leadership competency. By providing the guidance for its ethics and integrity, and the way to deal with them.

Furthermore, the RMK must be promotes transparency in reference to all of its activities. To make awareness and promote an honest practise within the department. For fast, misconduct within the department must be handle with transparent and fair to all or any the government servant. Publishes annual reports about ethics and integrity. Thus, since the Malaysian Public Sector are well promoting the integrity system within the government sector, this may embedded trust on the public for the higher way of the government in managing the public funds and the government matters.

Policies and guidelines for discipline and reward on its ethic & integrity are considered the best practice. Any policies must be circulate to all or any, in order that the design and enforcement within the department will work together towards the target.

As a conclusion, as author emphasized the importance of the integrity to portrait the great image in RMP. It shows that the leaders in one organization play a task, to make sure the great ethics and integrity must be monitor and sustain altogether levels. Nevertheless, to realize people trust in one organization the leaders must show an honest example to the centre and low level group.

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