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The Problem Of Children And Youth Sex Trafficking

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What does sex trafficking mean to you? Is your definition of sex trafficking the same as mine or the person sitting next to you? The answer is yes, but how we think and define it is completely different for the each of us. Sex trafficking is when women, men, and children are made into slaves who are at times kidnapped, sold, and forcefully involved in sex acts. Sex trafficking doesn’t only happen to minors but can happen to adults as well. Not only does it happen in big cities like Las Vegas or Atlanta, but it can happen in a small town like here in Augusta, GA. For example, in the local news we are hearing that a female Hispanic along with a child is walking around South Augusta. When women stop to help a group of men pull up in a trying to kidnap them and force them into sex trafficking. Throughout the world, there are roughly 4.5 million victims of sex trafficking.

The first article that I found is “Suicidal cerebration and behavior among youth victims of sex trafficking in Kentuckiana.” There was a report that declared that seventieth of sex trafficking victims were underneath the age of twenty-four and half-hour of victims were under the age of eighteen. This population of youth is underneath the class of at-risk youth once it involves sex trafficking. It looks that The International Labor Organization considers sex trafficking the quickest growing business of social group and third within the world. There have several studies that have shown that individuals who have toughened sex trafficking has a redoubled risk of suicide. During a sample (n = 25) of adult ladies who survived sex trafficking, sixty fourth folks ladies had toughened unsafe thoughts whereas sixty-three declared that they had tried to harm or kill themselves (Raymond & Hughes, 2001). For this study, the youth that was experiencing be homeless were asked to fill out a survey that took around quarter-hour, about their life experiences with targeting questions about any experience of sex trafficking (Frey, Middleton, Gattis, & Fugilinti, 2019). The study consisted of twelve participants whose age ranged from 12 to 24 years (Frey, Middleton, Gattis, & Fugilinti, 2019). It had been equally split between male (47.7%) and feminine (49.2%) alongside 3% who declared another gender. The results showed that there were high rates of suicidal ideation (75%) and attempts by those with the idea (84%) among youth who had experienced sex trafficking. Those specific individuals were 3 and 4 times more likely to experience ideation and an attempt suicide due to sex trafficking (Frey, Middleton, Gattis, & Fugilinti, 2019) .

The second article is “ Prevalence and Correlates of Sex Trafficking among Homeless and Runaway Youths Presenting for Shelter Services.” The study reported in this article assessed prevalence and demographic correlates of intercourse trafficking in a purposive pattern of 270 young human beings experiencing homelessness in three U.S. cities (Philadelphia; Phoenix; and Washington, DC) and at five host agencies (Greeson, Treglia, Wolfe, & Wasch, 2019).. Participants had been 57% male, 38% female, 4% transgender, and 1% other. The average age of contributors used to be 20.7 years (SD = 2.0 years). The majority of the participants were African American (56%), accompanied by white (14%) and multiracial (14%) (Greeson, Treglia, Wolfe, & Wasch, 2019). The Human Trafficking Interview and Assessment Measure detected that almost one in 5 younger people had been victims of sex trafficking, either due to force, fraud, or coercion (FFC); age; or both. Those who have been intercourse trafficked have been more probably than these who have been now not sex trafficked to be female, sexual minorities, or Latino and to have both dropped out of excessive college or obtained a GED. Differences between being trafficked due to FFC and being trafficked due to age had been additionally investigated. Findings aid the need for improvement of centered prevention and intervention efforts for younger human beings experiencing homelessness that tackle sex trafficking victimization and associated threat factors(Greeson, Treglia, Wolfe, & Wasch, 2019). .

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The third article is “Childhood Experiences of Sexual Violence, Pregnancy relating to Sex Trafficking Among Feminine Sex staff in 2 US-Mexico Border Cities.” A recent study among feminine sex staff (FSWs) in northern United Mexican States found that 1 in 4 were sex trafficked once younger than eighteen years which those that were sex trafficked as minors were three times additional seemingly to accumulate HIV (Boyce, Brouwer, Triplett, Servin, Magis-Rodriguez, Silverman, 2013-2014). The US–Mexico border is one amongst the foremost transited international borders and crosses through a pair of the biggest binational conurbations. These extremely transited sections of the border conjointly give a setting for alternative activities, like drug trafficking, concealing, sex trafficking, and sex tourist. One fourth of participants were sex trafficked once younger than eighteen years, seven nearly one third had a gestation once younger than sixteen years (30.3%), one in five were married once, younger than sixteen years (20.1%), and nearly one in half dozen veteran sexual violence once younger than sixteen years (16.1%). Among those that veteran kid sex trafficking, the bulk had their first gestation (54.3%), wedding (60.2%), and sexual violence expertise (55.2%) before they were aged sixteen years, marking this age class as a probably vital marker of risk. Nearly ¼ of respondents were presently aged twenty-five years or younger (24.2%), a couple of third were aged between twenty-six and thirty-five years (34.8%), and forty first were aged thirty-six years or older (Boyce, Brouwer, Triplett, Servin, Magis-Rodriguez, Silverman, 2013-2014). The sample reported that a school education (44.3%), though those with a gestation or wedding once younger than sixteen years additional normally had lower instructional attainment relative to those whose first experiences occurred at older ages (Boyce, Brouwer, Triplett, Servin, Magis-Rodriguez, Silverman, 2013-2014).

Each article that was presented indicates something different and involves different people but all falls under one category which is sex trafficking and how it relates to today’s society. The first article is a well written article when it comes in telling about the rates of suicide. Many people are not aware of what happens to a sex trafficking victim when they are involved. When the victims are involved, they experience a lot of abuse that we don’t see, and we don’t know how it impacts them. For the youth that are involved it leaves a series impact and they may feel like they don’t belong once they leave because they are sometimes told no one cares about them. With the second and third article, it is very detailed about the statistics of who was involved in the study. The second article shows that homeless youth are more likely to be sex trafficked and that is because they have no where to go and they don’t have anyone. I think that the article did a really good job in stating the statistics and how it effects youth who have no where to go and it is just sad to read. In the third article, it was really well written because it has more of an insight with the statistics. It makes you think that when someone gets involved with sex trafficking it could be related to the cartel somehow. I like how the authors had put the experiences of what happened with the girls by the they reached the age of sixteen. It gives you a perspective of what sex trafficking is like in a different but also when it can involve two countries whose borders touch each other.

After reading the articles, the main thing that they have in common is how the victims in sex trafficking are at-risk youth and how they get involved. Each article indicates that majority victims are under the age of eighteen but near under sixteen. The articles show that there was a main reason in how someone got involved in sex trafficking and that it doesn’t just happen. The main thing that I have learned is that sex trafficking is a much more serious issue that needs to be fixed. But also, the impact that is has on the victims because on the outside we don’t know specifically happened to them. We don’t know if they were abused and if so, how badly was it. It made me think more about their safety when they do make it out of the sex trafficking world and back into today’s society.

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