The Rising Issues Of Diabetes In The UK: Academic Writing

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Section 1.

In the first part of this assignment I will be writing about the key academic writing styles and why it is important. Academic writing is a formal type of writing that structures you to write professionally, using the right type of vocabulary and technique.

Academic writing is a relatively formal, this means that in an essay a person should avoid colloquial words and expressions. Academic writing is well structured type of writing, it flows easily from one section to the next in a logical fashion. According to (Stella Cottrell 2013) there are different types of academic writing, these styles are descriptive, argumentative, evaluative and personal, drawing on the writer’s own experience. ‘Cottrell 2013’ states that descriptive writing is the easiest style of writing in assignment because we are used to describing things in everyday life. On the contrary, it is easy to give too much detail and for the main purpose of the description. In university you more likely to be asked to describe anything, the main purpose of describing is to be precise and to give essential background information so that it can be analyse significant features in more details.

Academic writing is used in formal essays and assessment, in a higher type of education, for Example University and also when writing a CV. When writing an assignment it is important to choose the appropriate type of writing styles because it lets the writers writing to be more precise and clear because of the use of continuous prose and the use of formal English. Formal English shows clarity because it allows the reader to understand what the writer is trying to state.

Academic writing requires formal language, a logical structure and should be supported with evidence. It is important to support your evidence because it shows that your evidence is a reliable source.

To conclude the reason why academic writing styles is important because it helps the writer to think critically, present complex ideas logically, boosts creativity, confidence and writing skills. These skills are every essential in university but also after when a person graduates and there looking for a job. Academic writing allows the writer to convince the reader that they understand what they are talking about. Communicating with the reader clearly is important, it shows that the writer is precise and clear with what there trying to state.

The second part of this assignment i will introducing my topic of interest. My topic of interest about ‘The rising issues of diabetes in the UK’.

Diabetes is a serious illness that can lead to stroke, heart disease, blindness and kidney failure. Britain has been facing a huge increase of diabetes since 1996, it has been estimated that by 2025 over four million people will have diabetes in the UK. According to (diabetes UK facts and figures) there are 3,116,399 people living with diabetes. The most common type of diabetes that will affect individual is type two diabetes because there is an ageing population and the rising number of overweight and obese people.

There are two types of diabetes, type one and type two diabetes. There are 10 percent of people living with type one diabetes. Type one diabetes is the cause of the level of glucose to become too high. Your body is not producing enough insulin that controls your glucose. They will need to be inject themselves with insulin in order to control the glucose in their body. While type two diabetes is not making enough insulin in their body. Type two diabetes happens to overweight people and it can be genetic. According to (Diabetes uk) there are 90% of people living with diabetes.

In addition I will be finding out why diabetes is an issue in the UK and what causes people to get diabetes.

Section 2

The second part of this assignment is about understanding how research is used for social enquiry. This assignment requires the use articles that are quantitative and qualitative.

Article 1

The title of the article is ‘supporting participation in physical education at school in youth with type 1 diabetes: perceptions of teachers, youth with type 1 diabetes, parents and diabetes professionals’. This is a qualitative article. The introduction of this articles explains what physical activity is and why it is essential in schools. The methods used in this article was data collection. They created focus groups and interviews that lasted up to 30-45 minutes. There was 78 people involved in the focus groups and the interview. Discussions were audio recorded and researchers took notes on nonverbal discussions. Demographic data were captured by questionnaire. Recording were transcribed verbatim. The result of this data collection, was that they saw different ways on how children with type 1 diabetes in school can be supported, mostly during PE times. They also got diabetes professionals to train the teachers and parents on how to support a child with diabetes.

Article 2

‘Change in overweight from childhood to early adulthood and risk of type 2 diabetes.’

This is a qualitative research. This article is about how a child that is overweight from young can affect them in their adulthood. The method taken in this research was that the height and weight of 62,565 men between the age of 7 and 13 were measured annually till their early adulthood and compared to men in their adulthood. The results showed young men who were overweight before the age of 13 had the risk of getting diabetes between the ages of 30 to 60.

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Article 3

‘Patients in waiting: a qualitative study of type 2 diabetes patients’ perceptions of diagnosis’.

This is a qualitative article. This article is about examining how diagnosis is perceived by a sample of newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients. The method used in this research was that they interviewed 40 newly diagnosed patients with type 2 diabetes in four local health care co-operatives and three hospital clinics. The result of this method was that they saw that the clarity, timing and authority of the diagnosis delivery were important to the patients. Patients that were not referred to a hospital did not receive any referral. The patients that did received referral from the doctors, was finding it problematic to receive a hospital appointment. To conclude the practitioners need to convey to patients, so that they can find out more about their diagnosis, and the service given should be integrated during their short period of time so that they can receive the best effect.

Article 4

‘Is relationship quality linked to diabetes risk and management’?

This is a quantitative research. This research is about how the quality of marriage and marriage- like relationships has a risk of developing diabetes and being able to effectively manage the disease once it has been developed. The method the researchers used was that they examined how aspects of marriage are linked to diabetes and whether these links are seen as a socio demographic characteristics related to health. The result of this method was that they found out that strain and marital risk were linked to an increased risk of developing diabetes and strain poor communication were linked to an increase of poor diabetes management. They also found out that material support was linked to lower risk of diabetes except for those with a lower income.

Article 5

‘Perceived peer support and diabetes management from adolescence into early emerging adulthood’. This is a quantitative research. This research is about the examining of perceived diabetes specific to peer support with adherence and glycaemic control among late adolescents with type 1 diabetes as they transfer from high school into early emerging adulthood. The method used in this type of large study is they carried out a confidential online survey with 211 high school seniors that has type 1 diabetes. This survey was later reassessed a year later. The result of this survey shows that perceived diabetes specific peer support might be a protective factor as late adolescents with type 1 diabetes transition out of high school. They also found out that building a strong peer support during the transition into early emerging adulthood may facilitate better diabetes management during their high risk time of development.

Article 6

‘Daily sleep quality and daily stressors in couples coping with type 1 diabetes’

This is a quantitative research. The research was introduced to examine the influence of daily sleep quality in patient with type 1 diabetes on that their spouses and to investigate the influence of couples’ sleep quality on patients’ diabetes- specific stressors and couples’ general stressors the following day. The methods that they used to carry out this research was that they gathered 199 patients with type 1 diabetes and their spouses , the patients had to complete a fourteen day diary where they reported on their own sleep quality, and the presence of general stressors. The results shows that the daily sleep of the patients was related to their spouse’s greater quality of sleep. The better sleep quality might reduce due to them being diabetic and may lead to general stress with their spouses.


My research helped me to develop an understanding on how diabetes is an issue in the world and how many people are affected by this chronic illness. The findings from my study shows that there are numerous of people living with diabetes, and this is having an effect on their health. Diabetes is a chronic condition associated with abnormally high levels of sugar in the blood. The Insulin produced by the pancreas lowers blood glucose. If there is an absence of insulin or if the body is unable to produce insulin this causes diabetes. The reason why I picked this topic of interest because lately in the news there has been an issue about the sugar tax, the reason why there has been an increase in sugar tax, is that people tend to switch to cheaper foods , and the cheaper food are usually the unhealthy foods. But since there was an increase in sugar tax, drink manufactures are putting less sugar in drinks. The aim of this sugar tax introduction was to decrease the rate of type 2 diabetes for all age groups in the UK.

My topic of interest and my research both link because my topic of interest is about the rising issues of diabetes in the UK, and my research shows different types of way on how people are affected by diabetes.

There was a lot of information that is found about diabetes, but the only thing that I failed to interpret in this assignment was to show why diabetes was still going to an issue each year. However there was a lot of reliable article that were found that helped me to find out about how diabetic people manage their chronic illness.

In my research I found out that diabetes is not only common among adults but also young children. The article about the ‘Change in overweight from childhood to early adulthood and risk of type 2 diabetes’ shows that if a child is not eating right and getting the right amount of exercise from young they are most likely to get type 2 diabetes in their later adulthood. I also found out through the article; ‘Is relationship quality linked to diabetes risk and management’, that if an individual come from a low income family they are more likely to get type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is linked to being overweight. People who are from a low income family will not be able to afford a healthy lifestyle, this is going to have an impact on their quality of life and also affect their life expectancy.

People are starting to be more aware of diabetes; ‘supporting participation in physical education at school in youth with type 1 diabetes: perceptions of teachers, youth with type 1 diabetes, parents and diabetes professionals’. This article shows that schools are trying to ensure that all pupils are taken part in PE and also trying to lengthen the time for people so that children are improving their health, so that they are not at risk of getting diabetes.


In conclusion, diabetes is a big issue in the UK and there has been different strategies on how to reduce diabetes. Even though diabetes is an chronic illness that has an impact on the life of individuals, it is hard to reduce the rate of diabetes, when it is linked to poverty, because an individual is from a low income family the they are not going to be able to afford an healthy lifestyle for themselves. So there's always going to be an issue with diabetes, mostly type two diabetes which is linked to obesity.

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