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The United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti

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The United Nations has been doing many missions to bring peace to the world. They work hard to fulfill all missions they have. They have worked in almost every country, but they bring peace to many countries. For example, they have brought peace to Haiti.

The United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti or MINUJUSTH is one of those missions. There are many issues for the reason that the United Nations became involved. The UN sent many people to help with the struggle in Haiti. They were sent to help Haiti develop the Haitian National Police, or HNP, to strengthen Haiti’s rule of law institutions, especially justice and prisons. They were also sent to help promote and protect their human rights, to help improve the daily lives of the Haitian people. For the United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti there were 400 people deployed to help with this mission. There were 5 UN volunteers. 325 civilians were deployed, which was the biggest part of all. There also were 70 policemen to help complete this mission. For this mission there was only one fatality. There were ten top contributing countries, these countries sent police personnel to Haiti. The countries that had contributed were Senegal, Canada, Benin, Jordan, Rwanda, Niger, Mali, Nepal, Tunisia, and Madagascar.

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Many of the problems that Haiti had were problems that they couldn’t fix on their own. The United Nations and different partners have helped Haiti in many ways. They have always used the opportunities they had to promote and secure a better life for the people of Haiti. Haiti kept making strides from the help of the UN to keep moving forward to complete their goals. They took any action they needed to help lead Haiti towards its goal. Every person worked hard to improve the police force, human rights, and rule of law. No matter how hard it was each person took any opportunity they had to take a step forward in finishing their mission.

There were many results from the United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti. The Haitian National Police gained more people to work in the force. The number of women working for the police increased. They were also taught how to fight any crimes. There was a decrease in detainees. Offices had been reinforced. Ministers were elected for different organizations. Over 200 new organizations had been created to help Haiti.

In conclusion, the United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti was a success. Although there were struggles along the way everyone that was sent to Haiti took their ability to help and got Haiti back on track. It did take some time but they got Haiti to where it needed to be. All of the struggles that Haiti was going through were fixed, which were rule of law, police, and human rights. All the United Nations wants is peace throughout the world. If it means helping with anything in the world to prevent war, like the World Wars. They want all people from every country to live peacefully and become allies to prevent something that could disrupt the flow of the world.

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