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Two Types Of Stress Management In The Workplace

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In our daily lives, we get to hear of word stress from our surroundings. Even the word ‘stress’ can be heard nowadays in the news, in magazines, and on other social media too. Stress is not something new for most people. Most people will experience stress at least once in life. Stress could come from various reasons. It can be from life, family, friends, and works. But the most common stress happened in the workplace. There are two types of stress management. We have acute stress and chronic stress. Acute stress is basically stress that develops within a short time frame and does not last long. For example, during an interview, when you have no answer to a question given. While on the other hand, chronic stress is an emotional pressure that the person has no control over it for a prolonged period of time. A chronic can lead to illness. It can cause high blood pressure, migraine headaches, and even weakening the immune system. As I mentioned earlier it can cause emotional pressure, having this disease can lead to depression. We will start to lose our self-esteem and doubt our capabilities. Stress also can happen in an organization due to many reasons such as work overload, job insecurity. Stress in limited quantity is advantageous to the organization and employee too. It helps to accomplish personal goals and organizational objectives. But stress in overabundance quantity can cause harm to the body, mind, and the psychology of an employee.

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Based on the article that I have read, stress is vital for the employees in any organization. An approach to cope with the stress includes ample sleep, sports, talking to a companion or a friend, relaxation habits, and quitting obsessive products. These all need to be used in order to relieve all the stress. Workplace stress plays an important role in the physiological and psychological well-being of workers. It also influences the efficiency and productiveness of organizations. The various results of workplace stress like role ambiguity, personal problems, emotional imbalance, economic pressure, and behavioral disturbance lead to the interruption of the climate organization. These difficulties create interpersonal conflicts, reduced productivity, low organizational commitment, increased truancy, and more attrition. By facilitating the employees with effectual practice, the management can offer them a platform to fix their stress-related problems. Exercise, meditation, yoga, and recreational activities can provide a more conducive environment to manage stress. These useful steps can pave the path for developing the efficacy of employees and the increased performance of the organization.

Recently, the COVID-19 virus is triggering stress-causing varying reactions like sadness, worry, confusion, and fear in society. Most companies in the world have facing problems due to the COVID-19 that had happened all around the world. The company especially employees need to cope with a new style of working. Some were even forced to take leave without being paid. It really affects everyone physically and spiritually. Some are afraid of losing their jobs, others worry about having to shut down their business. Those who receive a daily salary wonder whether they can survive during the pandemic. There are few ways to cope with the stress during this pandemic. Firstly, we need to accept ourselves and acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses and admit the fact that life has its highs and lows. This principle can shape an employee to be more confident about facing new challenges. Next, do not hesitate to communicate with your co-workers, supervisors, and employees about any work that stresses us out while maintaining social distancing. Also, always get the update about the virus so that you know how to protect yourself and others. Understanding the risk and being considerate by sharing accurate information with your surrounding can reduce stress and help you to connect with others. The most important thing is to take breaks from watching, reading, or listen to the news, including social media. Hearing about the pandemic frequently can be depressing and mentally exhausting.

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