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Ways to Reduce Truancy Effectively: Opinion Essay

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In this era of modernization, truancy is becoming a serious problem in school. The rate of truancy has increased dramatically among the teenager. They most likely wander around the cyber café or the street to do something bad for them such as smoking and bullying. This phenomenon must be curbed as soon as possible to cultivate students with good moral values. Hence, the school authority can communicate school attendance to students and their families, form an attendance team and create a more positive school culture to overcome this issue.

First and foremost, teachers play a significant role in reducing the rate of truancy in school. The teachers could communicate school attendance to students and their families. This is because the students are able to follow the syllabus which has been scheduled by teachers. During the traditional class, the teacher will not be able to record the progress, unlike online class. The teachers would also not reteach again. Thus, full attendance is important to ensure the students can follow up on the syllabus and be able to sit on the examination. Hence, the students and parents would understand the vital of attendance and avoid truancy.

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Furthermore, the school authority could form an attendance team with the cooperation of the prefects, counselors and teachers. The main task of the team is to monitor students’ attendance daily. For instance, the team can record the attendance in every class. If they find that the students are absent, they can message their parents immediately to make sure whether they are absent for a possible reason or just truancy. This is in the light that some parents do not even their children are truant. They think their children are in the school, however, they run out of school when seeing their parents’ cars drive away. As a result, the parents can know the actual situation of their children and make sure their children are entering the school before they leave.

Last, but certainly not least, a more positive and interesting school culture can be created in order to deal with the truancy among the students. This is in the fact that one of the reasons why the students want to truancy is because they feel bored in the school. So they find it more fun and exciting when truancy. In this case, the school authority could build an engaging events calendar that motivates students to come to school. For example, ‘Academic Week’,’ Art Week’ and ‘Green Week’ can be organized frequently to increase the interest among the students. Besides, the school authority can give the award to those who are getting full attendance. To summarize, a positive and funny school atmosphere would instil spirit and motivation among the students.

In conclusion, truancy can be tackled in these several ways. The school authority and parents should cooperate to monitor the students. Communication between both sides is a must and the parents should always focus on their students ‘ situations in the school. So that, truancy can be reduced effectively and efficiently in the future.

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