Where Are You From: Personal Narrative Essay

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Growing up, I tended to shrug off the fact that I was of Hispanic origin. Like many immigrants, I became Americanized, meaning there was a disconnection from my homeland. I was unknowing of the significance of pride many Latinos held that represented loyalty to their country. I had no recollection of my country after arriving in the United States. All I had were stories that my parents told me about their lives in Ecuador, this gave my brother and me a better understanding of where we came from. I had a desire to one day experience life in Ecuador the way my family did, I remember their faces would always light up as they reminisce those nostalgic moments.

Soon the moment arrived, finally, I was going to visit my country. Throughout this travel experience, my perspective changed as I became fascinated and in love with Ecuador.

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During the spring of freshman year, our journey to Ecuador had taken place. It was an overall unforgettable experience as I learned more about the culture and saw myself developing a close connection to it. In Ecuador, I experienced family traditions such as attending football games while cheering Barcelona, stargazing at the beach, leaping off the stone bridge, or climbing a giant rock that had been carved by the indigenous people a hundred years before during our lake visits. I discovered that Ecuador was a marvelous country in itself as it pertained to natural beauties such as mountains, volcanoes, rain forests, farmland, and of course the Galápagos Islands. Overall, the true learning experience was the importance of family. Since being family-orientated is common in the Latino community, it provided a sense of comfort, support, and belonging during my visit. I fell in love with the moments when we shared laughs, ate traditional dishes, danced all night long, watched my godfather’s band perform, and got to know my family. We all shared a bond that couldn’t be broken, and I knew in those moments that my family will always be there for me.

Having the chance to go to Ecuador taught me the importance of valuing where you came from. Appreciating the culture and family values became a wonderful contribution to my life. The passion I have for expressing my heritage is compelling and is worth sharing as it is a part of my identity. I am proud to be a Latina as everything that I experience in the Latino culture had developed me into the woman I am today. Ecuador will always have a special significance in my life.

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