Why Teach for America: Argumentative Essay

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What seems to be the primary reason why Teach for America teachers perform better than many other teachers?

Case B Answer: The primary reason why Teach for America teachers perform better than many other teachers is because of the education they receive while teaching in a low-income community. The experience that they received during the program helps them expand their potential and helps connect with their students so they could help them achieve their potential too. Having had the experience of teaching in a low-income school and getting to know the kids, puts them in a really good position and motivates them to help those kids.

What type of training do Teach for America recruits undergo before they are placed in the classroom?

Case B Answer: The recruits go through a structured orientation and off-the-job training program that ends in job simulation exercises. They are placed in the most troubled inner-city schools around the country. They receive additional support and training from Teach for America during their time at the school. They also have a five-week summer course that prepares them for the challenges and needs of the inner-city classroom. They also help them in lesson planning and building strong relationships within schools and communities so that can be successful working with kids in low-income communities.

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Why is a rigorous performance appraisal program a key part of the Teach for America program?

Case B Answer: The rigorous performance appraisal program is a key part of the Teach for America program because they only want to place the best quality teachers into the schools that will have the motivation to help motivate students. It also helps choose people that are committed to expanding educational opportunities for kids. Teach for America emphasizes selecting diverse candidates that will connect with the students that they will be teaching. They are very careful when selecting a candidate to join the program because they want people that are serious about teaching and are willing to be the best teacher for their students.

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