Why to Study Ethics?

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Ethics is inescapable and has everything to do with what goes on throughout daily life. Learning about different ethical ideas leads one to develop skills while judging one’s own values. It also provides others with reasoning for certain beliefs and the means of questioning others’ values becomes inevitable. Ethics provides a stable society and ensures that the people are choosing good over evil. When people live ethical lives, they tell the truth and are liberal. If this was not the case, thoughtless people will become mistrusted by others and it would be difficult for them to be integrated well into social interactions within society. Many ideals and theories are formed from the study of ethics. Studying morality makes sense out of conflicting moral views and establishes reasoning for being ethical. Ethics is considered an intellectual exercise and should be study to ensure that there is morals and values with reason.

Ethics supports the idea of creating beliefs from what was already established by experts. These philosophers, Immanuel Kant and Saint Thomas Aquinas, influenced principles of reasons and combined it with the moral theories and faith. With that being the case, there are debates about certain moral views that use moral theories that were already established by historical philosophers. Many people argue abortion is wrong and should never be justified with the context of killing is impermissible. According to act-utilitarianism, it is morally acceptable to kill an unborn child if it generates the most happiness, considering everyone (Vaughn 224). Society is very torn in debate with this ethical issue and tend to pick sides. People argue that abortion is killing a baby and many people oppose to that, suggesting that the “baby” is not alive. Ethics and moral beliefs impact discussion about certain issues in a way where it is mandatory to have reason within decision-making. Should the baby be able to live or does it need to be put to death before birth? Only ethics can justify what decision is to be made.

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With ethics being a huge part of any society’s morals, it is an unnecessary study and a wasted activity. It is the main reason why people argue and debate about things that may not matter. People tend to believe that there is reasoning behind everything. Based on certain beliefsthat are expressed, people begin to question each other causing arguments, which can cause conflict. That conflict against morals can cause people to be separate rather than stand together and discuss the matter with equal explanations of both sides. According to the text, the author states, “Some philosophers also remind us that virtue ethics puts primary emphasis on being a good person and living a good life, a life of happiness and flourishing” (Vaughn 174-175).

Studying ethics may cause questioning of living morally and in the right way philosophers believe is considered good. Focusing on living in the “right” way may cause more bad than good considering one’s overall happiness. As a person, they may stress out about being a morally good person rather than just being themselves and living in their definition of happiness. All that aside, there would be no moral norms or views without ethics. The study of ethics also gives an in-depth insight about where ideas come from and how they influence different areas of debate such as euthanasia. Euthanasia is the practice of ending a life for the sake of the person. This causes a persistent debate because, in some cases, the person does not have a say in the matter. The victim could be a child or a person in a vegatative state. Without ethics, there would be no reason behind why euthanasia would be justified. According to the natural law theory, euthansia is unacceptable and should not be done with any reason. It is important to keep a person alive and killing is morally wrong (Vaughn 290). Euthanasia is not moral in all cases as natural law theorists claim. People today support this idea and it originates from the establishment of past ethical beliefs. Without the study of ethics, that would not be known, leading people to claim that their ideas have no reason.

All in all, ethics is crucial in one’s life and creates the foundation for the idea of living an ethical life. It is not an inconvenience but, it is an effective guide that makes life stable and furthers success. It affects all the choices we make. There is an awareness of responsibility for what actions can lead to certain outcomes affecting others. People are constantly faced with decisions that can impact the quality of living. This leads ethics to be a part of all aspects of life which includes, education and business. It explains society's way of living and ensures that the people have an understanding of where morals originated from. Without studying ethics, there would be no questions or debates about why people believe in certain ideals, such as abortion and euthanasia, causing emptiness within reason.

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