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Cultural Exploration Of The American Hindu Female In Erickson's Developmental Stage Of Generality Vs Stagnation

Introduction Hinduism is one of the oldest major religions in the world, with approximately one billion followers. The majority of the Hindu population resides in South-Central Asia, representing 52.9% compared to only 0.5% in Northern America (ARDA, 2010). Hindus believe in dharma, which represents duties and obligations that an individual must comply with to be an active member of the community (Knott, 2016, p. 75). Dharma was especially important for a Hindu woman because often women were considered “low-caste” and...
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Orthodox Judaism, Homosexuality In The Film Disobedience

Disobedience is a romantic drama starring Rachel McAdams, Rachel Weisz and directed by Sebastian Lelio. Lelio teamed up with Rebecca Lenkiewicz to write the film based on the novel of the same name by Naomi Alderman. In this review, I will discuss the plot and how the film portrays Jewish identity through the lens of Orthodox Judaism, homosexuality and the struggle of having to choose between the two identities. The film is set in an Orthodox Jewish community in North...
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The Differences Between Religious And Non-Religious Ideologies

There are three ideologies under religious which are reveal and preserve, reveal but interpolated and not reveal but based on human wisdom. However, there are many ideologies under non-religious. For example, scientism, rationalism, humanism, agnosticism, atheism, materialism and etc. RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGIES “Religion usually describes the belief in a superhuman controlling power involving God or gods; it entails a system of faith and worship” (Burrowes, 2016). The three ideologies under religious are: Reveal and preserve Reveal but interpolated Not reveal but...
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What Are The Kami In The Shinto Religion?

Shinto ('the way of the gods') is the indigenous religion of the Japanese human beings and as antique as Japan itself. It stays Japan's important faith alongside Buddhism. Propaganda and preaching aren't commonplace either, due to the fact Shinto is deeply rooted within the Japanese people and traditions. “Shinto gods' are called kami. They are sacred spirits which take the form of factors and concepts vital to lifestyles, including wind, rain, mountains, timber, rivers and fertility. Humans emerge as kami...
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The Practices And Beliefs Of Conservative Judaism

Conservative Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world that has survived some structural and religious changes over thousands of years. Judaism is an ancient Jewish religion that is predominantly practised in Northern America popularly known as Marti Judaism. Conservative Judaism is based on the basic principles of the Mosaic Law strict observance of the scriptural teachings based on the old testament of the bible. This paper seeks to outline the religious practices of this denomination, the form...
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The Features Of Scientology as A Religion

Before I conducted my research, I knew a little about the cult-like behavior that Scientology involved. I had watched a few episodes of Leah Remini’s documentary and had known the basics of Scientology. I thought that Scientology was very suspicious and that their beliefs seemed strict and punishments for crimes/sins were harsh. This topic interests me because I think that the lifestyle of a Scientologist is very distinct and I was curious as to why someone would willingly put themselves...
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Taoism And Confucianism As Oldest Asian Philosophies

Some of the oldest philosophical ideas can be traced back to Asia, thousands of years ago. Lifestyle and how you are supposed to fit in society are key parts to these philosophies. Asia is home to one of the largest and oldest cultures on Earth, so there is no surprise that their beliefs are the ones we look back at and study. Taoism and Confucianism are just two examples of old Asian philosophy. They contain similarities as well as many...
2 Pages 972 Words

Afterlife In Jewish Faith

Introduction The belief in afterlife spans across many cultures, with most of them agreeing that death is not the end of human life instead there is life after death. While many cultures present an array of beliefs on the afterlife topic, the Jewish beliefs on the same outlines a perfect cosmology which provides an in-depth explanation worth looking at. Afterlife in Jewish Perspective Most of the Jewish thoughts begin with the Torah. In the Jewish perspective, the Torah directly expresses...
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Confucianism Or Hinduism: Which Belief System Was More Effective In Creating Social, Political And Economic Stability?

Religion played an important role in history, and it has powerful and effective influence on various spheres of life, as it happened before common era. An example of how this can be done should be the introduction of Confucianism into the quality of state ideology, which strengthened the national identity of Chinese civilization. Comparing the influence of Confucianism and Hinduism it is noticeable that Chinese religion was more successful in case of social, economic and political stability. Hinduism had some...
1 Page 632 Words

Conceptual Framework Of Scientology

Abstract For years, I have been fascinated in scientology. I never really did any advanced research into them, and just considered them “crazy”. I feel like this is a good opportunity to objectively view the perspective of scientology and dissect its main framework of beliefs. After writing this, I noted that there are a few things that I still consider “crazy” or narrow-minded. But there are other things that I agree with, or that I have thought about before. To...
2 Pages 993 Words

Antisemitism: Why & How?

It is safe to safe that a majority of people would not complain if it were possible for the world’s population to coexist in complete harmony and tranquility. However, at this point in time that is just not possible, and it has not been possible for quite some time. Throughout history there has been a trend where one group of people single out and persecute another group of people simply because of their differences. African slaves, Native American, and Muslims...
1 Page 668 Words

The History And Groups In Judaism

Judaism was the first of the Abrahamic religions to be practiced, with Jewish history dating back thousands of years ago. Throughout history, there have been events that have affected the long-term effects of the tradition. In 70 CE, the Romans attacked and destroyed the second temple. This attack lead to numerous Jews dying, and many were sold into slavery. In addition, the Romans restricted the Jews from performing religious practices such as circumcision, studying of the Torah, and Holy Days....
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The Exploration Of Shinto Restrictions To Women

Introduction The depiction of women in Shinto can be found as early as Kojiki, Japan’s e oldest chronicle, where female deities appeared in the creation mythology and their status compared with male counterparts began to showing signs. When Izanagi and Izanami, the divine couple who was responsible for creating the islands of Japan, descended from the heaven bridge to the island of Onogoro and circled around the Heavenly August Pillar, it was the female deity Izanami who exclaimed “What a...
4 Pages 1728 Words

Jainism: Liberal Arts And Contribution To Culture Of India

Introduction The etymology of the word ‘Religion’ states that the root of the word is ‘religio’ i.e obligation/ bond/ reverence for the bond between humans and the gods. In today’s world, it is defined as the belief and worship of a superhuman controlling power in rudimentary terms. Religion is essentially a cultural system of various elements of behaviours, practices, morals, views, texts, sanctified places etc. which relate humanity to supernatural, transcendental and spiritual elements. A very crude explanation for religion...
4 Pages 1883 Words

How Abrahamic Religion Changed History

Judaism is the oldest monotheistic religion of Abrahamic faiths. The devotees of Judaism are called Jews. The terms of Judaism and Jew where inferred from the word ‘Judah’ which was the name of the fourth of the twelve sons of Jacob. Jews are also called Hebrews and Israelite. They are called Hebrews because they are descendants of Abraham who was called a Hebrew. They are moreover called Israelites because they are descendants of Jacob who was called Israel. Abraham and...
2 Pages 760 Words

Traces Of Hinduism In The Legend Of Korra

Imagine a fantasy-world divided into nations, but different cultures are not divided in continents and countries but nations which correspond to the four elements in our world: fire, air, water and earth. Every nation, as our lands, has its own culture and can be distinguished from the other nations. One of these distinctive features is the ability to bend a particular element. This is to say that some people in this fictitious world can manipulate an element at will. These...
7 Pages 3005 Words

Historic Japanese Notions Of Shinto And Zen In Buddhism

INTRODUCTION This research paper focusses primarily on the theme of ‘Critical Regionalism’, a significant architectural movement. I will discuss and outline the main themes involved in critical regionalism and analyse ‘The Water Temple’ by Tadao Ando located in Hompukuji, Japan. I will evaluate the success of this building in restoring traditional Japanese architecture by using contemporary styles and materials, focussing on the primary themes involved in critical regionalism, such as the location and placelessness as well as historic Japanese notions...
6 Pages 2927 Words

Philosophy And Contribution Of Swami Vivekananda To India

ABSTRACT Even After 117 years of his leaving this world, he lives in the core of our heart. We entered 21st century but his philosophy is the guiding source of inspiration for millions of population of the world. His ideals are the only weapon to remove all darkness. Therefore, his new understanding of religion, new view of man, new principle of morality and ethics, concept of East-West, contribution to India, contribution to Hinduism, teaching are still relevant in enlightening us....
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Similarities Between Judaism and Zoroastrianism

Religion is a defining factor of every community. Members In a particular community believe their lives and activities are guided by a supreme being. They belief that the Supreme Being is capable of controlling their undertakings, lives as well as their moral behavior. Religion has been a major factor in ensuring the society is in harmony. However, the differences occur when a particular group has a different belief from another. For instance, religious beliefs of Judaism, Zoroastrianism and Atenism are...
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Ancient Greek Religion, Hinduism And Jainism

In many different religions, the soul is considered to be “the incorporeal essence of a living being”. It is considered the spiritual 'breath' that gives life to the living organism. Since the soul is such an essential aspect across various religions, this group felt it was important to map the fate of the soul. In Hinduism, Jainism and Ancient Greek Religion, amongst others, the soul undergoes reincarnation, and between births, rests in the after-life. The ultimate goal of a soul...
4 Pages 1739 Words

The Magic Of South Asia’s Eating Habits In India: A Look Into The Culture

Introduction South Asia is a vast region located in the southern part of Asia, on this mysterious and beautiful land, it embraces many different nationalities, religions, and countries. In this piece of fertile land, people of different races and ethnic minorities live in harmony. As an IAH student who just started studying in South Asia, I am very curious about what did they have for food in India. Thanks for the grateful place, I found out that there are lots...
3 Pages 1417 Words

Scientology: Cult Or Legitimate Religion

If someone has ever seen the phrase, “Church of Scientology,” then they have most likely also seen the name “Tom Cruise” associated with it. This is because the Church of Scientology has had a long and harrowing history in Hollywood, and its list of members has included A-list celebrities for decades. However, it is important to note that the Church has controlled the narrative surrounding its portrayal in the media. Their seemingly endless sources of funding have aided in allowing...
4 Pages 1864 Words

Philosophical Issues In Judaism

Introduction There are approximately 14 million Jews worldwide concentrated mainly in the United States and Israel. The Jewish people believe the place of origin is Israel, in the Middle East, where Abraham was believed to have talked with God, or in Hebrew Yahweh. Jewish people believe Abraham is the founder of Judaism because God first revealed himself to him. Abraham is believed to be the first patriarch of Judaism because God made a covenant with him and his descendants are...
2 Pages 981 Words

Shinto As An Element Of Culture In Japan

While reading about Cultural Diversity, it was learned that it consisted of eight parts. In this essay, it will be broken down into four parts, “Four Elements of Culture.” This will include Health beliefs and practices, Family Patterns, Communication Style and Death and Dying Practices. Each one has its own unique place in Cultural Diversity. Health Beliefs and Practices has three different views: religious, scientific and holistic. Family Patterns is what the family dynamics are. “Cultural values can determine communication...
3 Pages 1220 Words

Female Representation In Sculptural Art In Jainism

Like the Brāhmanical and Buddhists, the Jaina iconography did not take a prominent role in the earlier period of Bengal as well as in Indian art. The images of Tīrthanakaras took a prominent part in the Jaina iconography, but the images of the other gods and goddesses never played an insignificant part in Jaina iconography. Many Brāhmanical and Buddhist gods and goddesses were assimilated into Jaina pantheon.57 The predominance of Jainism at one time in Bengal is hardly in keeping...
2 Pages 1020 Words

Grappling With God's Existence In The Context Of The Holocaust

For nearly as long as humans have walked the earth and been conscious of the unique attributes separating us from the animal kingdom, we have reckoned with the question of why we exist. There is no objective purpose for human existence, and this uncertainty creates an uncomfortable void in the agency we seek to apply to our lives. The pursuit of existential meaning is an inherently human trait prompted by the curiosity of our consciousness and has no definitive answer....
5 Pages 2213 Words

The Elements Of Mysticism In Judaism

Menorah is the holy candle in the Jewish tradition that has a history of being miraculously lit by god for 8 days. It is a candle with 7 stems. An interpretation of it is that, the 7 stems represented the 7 days of creation. Another interpretation is about the 7 attributes of a godly man given in Kabbalah that it symbolizes. After leaving the tyrannical rule in Egypt, the Israelites started moving towards Jerusalem and god asked them to make...
6 Pages 2691 Words

The Fundamentalism Of Hinduism

Focusing on solely Hinduism, the fundamentalism of Hinduism has faced a series of changes and evolution, or considerable devolution, ever since the independence of India in 1947. Hinduism is rooted back to over four thousand years, making it the oldest religion to exist. Yet, it is hard to trace its exact roots solely because it has so many roots, traditions and philosophies. The origin of Hinduism is said to be situated in the Indus Valley; near, now, Pakistan, and it...
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Discrimination And Equality In Christianity, Judaism And Islam

With the dawn of the 20th century, we saw numerous cultural and social issues occurring. These issues have continued to prevail, some have been left unanswered or unexplored and as a society we must take each one with the respect and care they deserve. Such issues include women’s rights, same-sex marriage, scientific exploration, evolution, the rise of atheism and the increasing number of diasporic communities. As religion continues to maintain a large number of adherents today, we are charged with...
2 Pages 1108 Words

Reconstructionist Movement: Helping To Save Old Jews And Usher In The Next Generation

The reconstructionist movement of the Jews is, in my opinion, beneficial to both the modern-day Jew and the older generation of Jewish people. For many reasons, this movement has helped to save what I would consider a much more conservative era of Jewish people who relied on the traditional ways of practicing Judaism. The reconstruction of the present-day Jew is one of progression and mindfulness during these radical times in our changing world. This new outlook on how you practice...
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